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Thread: Dragon Story: January 2016

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    Recently got back into this game. I play daily and will return all gifts!
    Add me: thisriveriswild

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    Jan 2016
    hey guys add me, forgot my ID so I had to start again, daily player, will return all gifts
    ID: Milo273

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    add me reinazdogz

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    Jan 2016
    add iDaniel87 I play regularly and send gold daily

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    Jan 2016
    Looking for new active neighbors!! Add me ID: tastiezzz

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    May 2013
    I'm a lvl 169 player looking for active neighbors. I accept all item request and visit those who visit me. My StormID: pliskin257

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    add me please, I'm on daily
    my id: LisaLaMarie24

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    Add me please. Level 162. Storm ID : dealchic

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    Jul 2013
    I'm looking for 4 people to do an annoying kind of gold exchange with (sorry!)

    As in, add me on 2 accounts, and I'll send you daily gold from a baby account I only really started to send gold to myself from, but you send gold to my main account, which I actually play on. Sorry it's extra steps, instead of just hitting return on a received gift, but I'll accept map requests from both accounts! Leave a message on my wall if you're interested, this is the main account that I hope you'll gift gold to. Thanks!

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    Add me jessielynn6583. I play daily

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