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Thread: Roast it Right!

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    Roast it Right!

    Hi folks,
    I am currently working on a goal in the game called "Roast it Right" in which you must purchase 4 Frosty Counters and serve 16 Roasted Ducks. I have been pulling my hair out looking through every single appliance I have and those I don't have via the database, and lo and behold I am stumped to find this dish anywhere. Can someone please give me a hand on where to find Roasted Duck and how to get them? Thank you kindly in advance!
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    The thread for that goal set is here:

    And in it you'll see that the roasted ducks are in the open fire appliance where you cooked the roast beasts and hearty stews in the previous goals.

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    Please see the series of goals in this thread ( Thanks.

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