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    patience playing

    Good morning all Dragon lovers like myself. I have been reading the forum and playing DS for awhile my current Dragon rank is 75 I think. I check the forum for issues and game update news and post sometimes. My thoughts and frustrations are the same as some players too. But I am a very patient person. Since the latest Cursed Rose challenge has started I have my share of " bugs" also. Haven't filed a support claim yet. I thought I would wait to see if it's corrected after the challenge has ended. My bugs are my Arctic Isles has not opened. I see an Airship to travel when I visit Stormy and a few others. But I will wait and see. If it doesn't open I will try breeding purple and winter again see if that will prompt it to open. But if you're having issues like myself , I think to myself well I dearly love my dragons and the game. You do get a little attached to the little cuties. But guys nothing is perfect. Be patient enjoy the wonderful game itself,the graphics are extraordinary! There has to be a lot of work that goes into such a game. As far as support, well like everything in life and so true regarding people,you do get back what you put in. And buying gold,yes I do. But hey no one twisted my arm! It's a choice and it is a free game with no ads. Let's give credit where credit is due folks. And sometimes it's not the game it may be our devices like a contaminated gmail,cache history an update we need,a cleaner if we expect TL to keep up to date we should also. So lets just play and have fun fun fun!!! Happy hatching!

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    Jao this is a very nice posting and it makes me thinking about me and my temperament. You wrote things, I never thought about. The nice graphics, no advertising and so on.
    Of course I think about the great graphic and the cute dragons which I love so much but I don't thought it as a result of a big team who is working on that.

    We must appreciate this more, you're right.

    Really well said and I like it how you want to bring peace in the forum of bugs and issues :-)

    I am a person who is peaceful and never do anything bad to other people. But Im very aggressive when in a game are massive issues and then I forget all the good things and focus on the bad things and write aggressive mad things.

    As it happened now this weekend. [Discussing private support information] On the other side it makes me sad, because I think about all the hate against TL/S8 I had. All the abusements I had in my thoughts. That really makes me wondering why I'm such a character. Full of distrust and rage against game companys generally, in this case TL.

    The more I love and invest in a game, the bigger the rage when something goes wrong.

    This is unbalanced. So I apology for my anger and rage and want to know them my appreciation and excusing.

    So dear players, this is really true what Jao wrote. We must realise this better.
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    completely agree with you
    you get EVERYTHING for free, there isn't a rule that says you cant get a diamond if you dont pay or anything as such. you get gold for free too! no monthly subscriptions, no ads, and constant improvements and new things are added! theres a lot to like!

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    I've always thought of S8/TL as a business. (No warm & fuzzies for you) and I wouldn't be playing DS if I didn't like dragons. They gave me a FREE game and I've given them REAL money. I've never been anything less than polite when dealing with their employees so I owe them nothing more.

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