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Thread: Fantasy Forest: December 2015

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    Fantasy Forest: December 2015

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
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    Add me please! I'm a daily player

    ID: ErzaScarlet7

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    add me!

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    I'm a lvl 23 player looking for active neighbors. I visit those who visit me. My StormID: pliskin257

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    I have room for 1 gem buddy

    ID: flatulent

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    Add me Gamermom03.

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    Add me goneplumcrazy

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    I'm interested in 2 DAILY gem gifters. I will return gifted Gems with same.
    If I am unable to play(you have not received a return gem)
    Plz look me up here as I will leave a post. I usually play for all but two weeks of the year. I don't care what level you're at.
    Thx ��

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    Add me -> vanhelsing18

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