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Thread: Level 22

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    Level 22

    I was enjoying game till now...
    The cost of things has now gotten completely out of control. It takes days to save 100k and at this point they want 300k for expansion, 600k for new building. This does not even take into account the new items and recipes to unlock. At this point I will never keep caught up with game. Will be level 40 with still level 30 goals open..this does not even take into account now Liam the smitten kitten now rarely drops thank you notes, and getting the items to upgrade pantry and hold are totally ridiculous and are included in pantry totals. Not sure this game will stay active unless these issues are resolved.

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    Agree with you. I gave this game another go and reached level 20. The game is a chore and no fun at all. Prices are ridiculous. If the aim of the game is to use gems then I am not interested. Game deleted !!

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    I hope that they soon add a separate pantry for non-food items. Also, with the prices being charged for expansion, new recipes, etc... they need to up the amount you earn for baking a dish. If it doesn't update soon, I will be with you in deleting the game.

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    Agreeing on price of upgrades and hardly any profits from products!

    I have deleted two Storm8 games this week so far.
    Might be more to come in future.
    Tired of senseless things going on.

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    I definitely agree on the prices becoming very ridiculous once you reach a higher level. I'm level 24 and things have gotten out of hand. You buy the coconut item itself for 160,000 and then you have to pay another almost 250,000 just to make the recipe/item itself. It's one thing after the other with high pricing and it takes too long to gain money. Most of my counters are full with plenty of money just waiting to be sold-- which takes too long.

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    Yes I just made level 23 and still don't have enough for new store but I did do the 300k expansion because I have the supplies. I figured it was better money spent... This game needs to be adjusted fast if wants to keep players

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    I am stuck on level 22 as well. Beyond annoyed. 300k to expand. 600k to open store. Prob will be 200k to unlock the floor ingredient once I can afford to open the exotic store. And then will cost me another half million to make the stupid creme brulee. ��

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