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Thread: What Kind Of Goals Would You Want In The Future?

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    Frozen goals, valentine's goal, st. Patrick's goal, easter goals (please, please), mother/father's day goal, wedding goals and Brazil goal

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    Yes, some st Patrick's would be awesome. More actual bakery type items. A cyber cafe.

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    Thanks, you guys. It's good to see that other people who've been playing for a longish time feel similarly. Wish more long-time players on the forums would join this discussion. I'd love to hear their thoughts.
    Maybe it's simply because this thread just isn't as visible as the weekly update or theme threads but it is an interesting and useful discussion. Also different from the norm so kudos to @konrad for thinking of the topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by twospoons View Post
    I'd love to see some of DS' fun game play in BS! but not too much, my love for these games definitely sprouts from their low-stress play. If I wanted constant tasks, I'd be in BS2!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLadyRachel View Post
    I'd love any kind of goal that would involve the community in a non-competitive way.

    For example, a goal where we're all supposed to collect drops by cooking recipes. There can be certain recipes that are more likely to drop that item, but all recipes would drop it regardless of the appliance they're cooked on or the duration of the recipe. There could be two tiers of prizes and a final grand prize for completing the community goal, that everyone who collected over a certain amount of said item would receive. It could be a long term goal, something that lasts for three or four months, a couple of times a year.

    We already get drops from cooking recipes in BS and RS, and they're already saved into our account and "measured". The system is already there, so applying it in this manner shouldn't be impossible. I know that it's probably a tricky thing to code, but I'm sure it's not impossibly hard. It would give long-time players a reason to keep on cooking a variety of recipes, even if they've already completed the monthly goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcap3892 View Post
    I love the idea of 12 Days of Christmas. However, I would also like to have the ability to unlock goals that happened in the past and still sit in my menu, locked. Please allow a player to unlock these. Thanks.
    Yes!!! I want the Texas oven sooo bad!
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    Actually I started a thread asking for Canadian decos and a goal maybe. This year is Canada's 150 year birthday! There's many Canadian players here. There's so much they could do with decos! Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ymakr View Post
    Yes!!! I want the Texas oven sooo bad!
    I would love to get some of the old goals too.

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    I like to see those goals that expired years ago. Hope to do it again and let many new players to have a chance to do it too.
    Enjoy Baking! 🍰

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakerling View Post
    I like to see those goals that expired years ago. Hope to do it again and let many new players to have a chance to do it too.
    I'd love that! I've always wanted the coffee goal items! I wasn't playing when they released the goal and items, so I'm hoping to get a shot at some other items in the future!

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    Love to see a spinning wheel on bakery like on dragon story where you could spin to win money , floor tiles , recipes , decorations and even gems love this feature on my other games also community baking event unlocking prizes and recipes but not too demanding games need to be fun

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