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Thread: Castle Story: 11/26 Food Shelter

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    Castle Story: 11/26 Food Shelter

    Food is plentiful this time of year! Everyone in the kingdom is preparing and sharing their favorite dishes. Anyone have any special traditions? Share them with your friends and neighbors, and let's all have a massive meal together! This season, we'll have the greatest food frenzy of all!

    [==Update requires Level 17+ to participate, and is live from 11/26 @ 12pm to 12/03 @ 11:30am==]

    Spoiler: show
    I've been playing a game! Have you figured out this week's answer? The answer is: FEAST

    There is a glitch collecting feasts. Please wait until this is fixed... SW
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Hey everyone! I'm here and looking into the things you all are reporting.

    Each of the feasts listed in the first quest (Simple, Hearty, Sweet, Divine, etc.) should all drop some number of Offerings. Please let me know and email if this is not the case!
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Hey guys,

    We've found the issue and are working to correct it! Thanks for reporting it to us, and sorry you all are experiencing this issue ><

    Yes, every feast listed in the first quest (Simple, Hearty, Sweet, etc.) should drop at least 1 Offering - depending on the feast, it could drop more than 1.
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Hey everyone,

    We're currently testing the fix! As soon as we confirm the fix, I'll let you guys know - at that point, Offerings will once again resume dropping from Feasts, and the Potluck Feast will return to the Kitchen, so long as you have any of the event's quests active.

    Sorry again for the issue!

    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Everything should be resolved now! Offerings should now drop from all 6 of the valid feasts from both the Kitchen and the Cooking Camp, even if you've already placed the Food Shelter. The Potluck Feast should also now be in the Kitchen, even if you've already placed the Food Shelter.

    We also added a gem reward to the end of the quest chain, for turning in the Potluck Feast.

    For anyone who has not yet opened the game, the Food Shelter will unlock upon completing the quest chain, for turning in the Potluck Feast.

    Sorry again for the issue with this LE! Hope everyone has a pleasant holiday weekend <3 Eat lots of delicious food! ^^
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    For clarity, everyone who logged in prior to the fix will still have the Food Shelter unlocked. The Food Shelter will only be locked for anyone who has not yet logged in to the game.

    Whether or not you have the Food Shelter unlocked, and whether or not you have already placed the Food Shelter, you will now be able to collect Offerings and craft the Potluck Feast.
    Does the Food Shelter give a bigger offering once you've completed the quest?
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Not the Food Shelter itself, but the quest chain that was originally supposed to unlock the Food Shelter in the Market. It's just a little something to make those quests a little more worth your while if you already had the Food Shelter unlocked

    So, there are now 2 places with a Gem Reward:
    -The quest which unlocks the Food Shelter (this is the new one)
    -The quest to place the Food Shelter
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    The Food Shelter
    limited time event - available to all players who are Level 17+
    prepared by SpiritWind

    Notes on the Event
    * Which kitchen can I use? only the Kitchen and Cooking Camp will drop Offerings from the 6 feasts. The Winter Bakery does NOT drop offerings.
    * I don't have the Food Shelter yet, why? It is the reward for completing this event. More info in post 1.

    * Where do I get Offerings from? From cooking any feast
    * How many Offerings do I get? You get multi offering drops for each feast you make and collect
    Drop Reports:
    Simple Feast - 3, 6
    Hearty Feast - 7, 14
    Spicy Feast - 12
    Sweet Feast - 25
    Mercury Feast - 1 - maybe this number has been coded incorrectly... 2 reports now of only 1 drop. SW
    Potluck Feast -
    * What is the Potluck Feast? you use 40 offering to make this feast
    * What is the Devine Feast? ignore reference to this feast; it's irrelevant and not part of the goal. SW

    * Maximum offerings in inventory is 45.

    1. Comfort Food
    Prepare any Feast x1
    Reward: 270 coin, 2 xp, 8 fish

    2. Plenty To Go Around
    Gather 10 Offerings
    Reward: 1400 coin, 5 xp, 10 flour

    3. Happy Feasting
    Prepare the Potluck Feast x1
    Serve the Potluck Feast
    Reward: 5 , 7 xp

    Food Shelter
    Info: A place to help keep the kindom well-fed. Drops various food items.
    Type: Building
    Source: Event
    Size: 2x2
    Requirements: 100 coins
    Drops: ?
    Events: Food Shelter
    Timer: 1320 minutes // 22 hours

    This info is courtesy of the Adventure Guide!
    Search the Ancient Vaults
    Adventure Requirement: 1 simple feast, 1500 coin
    Simple Feast - 1 hour - 2 grits, 2 bread, 8 fish
    Grits - 30 minutes - 4 corn, 2 water, 4 bacon

    Hunt Roaming Bandits
    Adventure Requirement: 1 hearty feast, 5 longsword, 2500 coin
    Hearty Feast - 2 hours = 1 hearty stew, 1 pasta, 1 breaded fish
    Hearty Stew - 2 hours - 8 carrots, 8 roast chicken, 4 water
    Pasta - 1 hour - 1 noodles, 8 tomato, 12 mushroom
    Breaded Fish - 1 hour - 10 fish, 2 bread

    Explore Dark Caves
    Adventure Requirement: 1 spicy feast, 2 lumin essence, 5000 coin
    Spicy Feast - 4 hours - 25 roast chicken, 5 Ivy's hot sauce, 5 noodles
    Ivy's hot Sauce - 3 hours - 3 water, 6 hot pepper, 1 rat tail
    Noodles - 30 minutes - 2 flour, 3 water, 12 eggs
    Lumin Essence - 4 hours - 5 earth wisps, 5 water, 5 mermaid scales

    Feral Lands Adventure
    Adventure Requirement: 1 mercury feast, 3 troll club, 3 sentry horn
    Mercury Feast - 3 hours - 1 baked butterfish, 1 catfish soup, 20 mushroom
    Baked Butterfish - 1 hour - 5 butterfish, 2 lemon, 10 milk
    Catfish Soup - 1 hour - 5 catfish, 10 tomato, 10 cabbage
    Troll Club - 1 hour - 10 wood, 3 boar tusk, 1 troll essence
    Sentry Horn - 2 hours - 1 boar tusk, 5 hide, 5 iron ore

    Traverse the Desert Sands
    Adventure Requirement: 1 sweet feast, 5 light armor, 9500 coin
    Sweet Feast - 6 hours - 5 royal sundae, 5 syrup, 1 silver platter
    Royal Sundae - 2 hours - 1 ice cream, 2 chocolates, 10 strawberry
    Syrup - 1 hour - 5 sap, 1 sugar
    Silver Platter - 4 hours - 20 silver, 5 jewel
    Light Armour - 3 hours - 6 silver, 6 iron ore, 1 troll essence
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    Heads up: don't max out your [answer], as you will need to craft them

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    Food shelter is placed in my kingdom! Now working on crafting a feast. I love updates!

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    Second part cook 10 feasts.

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    so there is no update for the shelter it's different and might be fun

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    What is a divine feast?

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    how to get offerings?

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    i skipped one simple feast but i didnt give an offering

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    Quote Originally Posted by memphisgirl View Post
    i skipped one simple feast but i didnt give an offering
    Me too, I sped up two Simple Feasts and did not receive any offerings. I guess they are some "rare drop" - *sigh*

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