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Thread: A trove of trolls problem

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    A trove of trolls problem

    I am trying to complete the goal of "A trove of trolls". I need to make 4 dummies. In order to make them I need iron reinforced hide. I created that, and it is showing in my inventory, but not when I try to craft, so I cannot move on to the next crafting item required. I restartd the game and also my phone and still a problem.

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    For "A Trove of Trolls", the first task is to craft Super-Reinforced Training Dummies. In order to do this, you need Adamant-Reinforced Hide instead of Iron-Reinforced Hide.
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    Here's a link to that goal thread

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    I cannot craft the adamant reinforced hide, because you need the iron reinforced one to do that. As stated, it shows in my inventory, but will not show up as available when I try to craft the adamant reinforced hide.

    OK - all is good - I was not able to see the differences in color last night, but was this morning and figured it out. Thanks!
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