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Thread: Ultra rare breeding bragging thread

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    Ultra rare breeding bragging thread

    Do you recognise this?
    As a die-hard FFS fan and avid forum contributor, after hundreds of attempts you finally manage to breed an ultra rare, you want to scream from the roof tops but instead decide to scramble to the forum (where people actually appreciate and understand the joy) to post about it in ehhhhhh..... which thread?!

    Well, that certainly stops you dead in your tracks: there really is no consolidated single thread for posting about ultra rare breeding successes. Sure, there's an ancient thread about the Crystal Unicorn (i.e., but that has long since been banished to the obscure realm of "Fantasy Forest Story - Creature Library" pages, where hardly anyone will see it.
    Besides, it really is only about the Crystal Unicorn, and not about the other ultra rares.

    So, what to do? Hijack another thread? That's what has been done often so far. Search through the same 'Creature Library' archive in the hopes of finding a thread about the very animal that was just bred? Not ideal.

    Just last week I went through this when I *finally* bred my first gem-animal: the Emerald Dragon! I ended up hijacking the Deadwing thread for posting about it. Earlier (August) I had *finally* bred a Golden Retriever, and hijacked a thread about the gem gifting frequency of the Treasure animals. Not really the right thing to do, and not very satisfying at all.

    In order to keep such rare, ehhhh "ultra rare" moments of joy nicely separated from the other threads, I would like to open up one single thread where everyone can share their successes at BREEDING an ultra rare. The purpose of this post is to establish precisely such a place.
    It is not intended for posting about BOUGHT ultra rares, nor about the ultra rares that are obtained through the Storybooks, nor for posting about any other animals than the ultra rares.

    This IS a "prestige bragging" thread, and that's precisely what we need at times to keep us motivated to go through the slow grinding process of seeing tens or hundreds of fails before FINALLY that 24, 41, 42 or 45 hour timer appears. :P

    I hope Kooky Panda stickies this thread. It is intended for giving us all a spot for sharing these so seldomly occurring moments of sheer FFS joy with the rest of the world, or well, at least within our own nice little appreciative community. :P

    As a kind of "allowed animal guide", as well as having a handy reference for the newer players. Posting about having BRED any of the following animals is allowed:


    Animal: Formula(s): Timer:
    Treasure Toucan Currently: none.
    Was: Ocean Owl + Vinotaur, or two Crystal Unicorns
    24 hours
    Money Badger Currently: none.
    Was: Armordillo + Hareon, or two Crystal Unicorns
    24 hours
    Golden Retriever Currently: none.
    Was: Terrorier + Gold Lion, or two Crystal Unicorns
    24 hours
    Prize Pony Currently: none.
    Was: Fennec Shox + Sea Horse, or two Crystal Unicorns
    24 hours

    Note: on November 30th we received the heartbreaking news that the next day, i.e. December 1st 2015, ALL Treasure animals would be removed from the shop. At this moment in time it is not possible to breed any of the Treasure animals. I sincerely hope they will be returned soon and/or that we get new Treasure animals to breed for.


    Animal: Formula(s): Timer:
    Crystal Unicorn 4-element breedings, or two Crystal Unicorns 45 hours
    Emerald Dragon "Gem" + "Nature" 45 hours
    Quartz Quetzalcoatl "Gem" + "Nature" 41 hours
    Pearl Peryton "Gem" + "Water" 42 hours
    Sapphire Cthulhu "Gem" + "Water" 45 hours
    Ruby Razorback "Gem" + "Fire" 45 hours
    Garnet Griffin "Gem" + "Fire" 48 hours
    Obsidian Cyclops "Gem" + "Earth" 45 hours
    Granite Golem "Gem" + "Earth" 48 hours
    Jade Kirin "Gem" + "Dark" 45 hours
    Onyx Direwolf "Gem" + "Dark" 43 hours
    Citrine Peregrin "Gem" + "Electric" 45 hours
    Valkyrie "Gem" + "Electric" 48 hours

    Qualifying conditions:
    -The animal must have been BRED not bought, nor obtained through Storybooks.
    -Speed-bred animals do qualify.
    -The animal must be one of the above listed ultra rares.

    Enjoy, and may we all have good luck at breeding ultra rares!!!
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    Well then....
    As I was looking for a thread like this only last week, I hope you'll allow me the pleasure of posting about *FINALLY* having managed to breed my first gem-animal, after 101 attempts with the (bought) Quartz Quetzalcoatl together with other animals.
    The first of my "bred gem animals stable" is an Emerald Dragon, which was named 'Margot' by the game, and which I now have at level 10.

    Ever since buying the Quartz Quetzalcoatl I've started to keep detailed track of my breeding outcomes with it in this thread in the personal breeding logs section:
    On November 5th I added sections for breedings with the Emerald Dragon to it, as well as breeding attempts at Treasure animals.

    Down below I've shared a few pictures of my new pride and joy: Margot, the BRED Emerald Dragon!

    Attachment 25999

    Attachment 26000

    Attachment 26001

    Attachment 26002
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    Thank you for starting this thread! There indeed hasn't been a good place to share the joyful news about our ultra rare breeding successes. It's great to have a proper place for it now!

    I'm looking forward to sharing everyone's happy moments here!

    As some of you know, my newest addition is Jade Kirin which I bred on my very first breeding after the skull trio ended. It will finish its first long evolution today.

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    Nice thread! I'm also a thread hijacker

    Here are my first 3 ultra rare breeds:
    8th August - Crystal Unicorn {Hydro Yak x Fire Glider}
    31st August - Obsidian Cyclops {Crystal Unicorn x Racmoon}
    14th September - Obsidian Cyclops {Crystal Unicorn x Grassquatch}

    After my second Cyclops, I thought these ultras would become a monthly occurrence for me! ...
    We are now in November, and no others have been bred. Lol.
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    Great thread, but I will not be able to stick(too many stickies now!), but I have added a link to this thread in the
    Game Guide.
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    Great thread - but I think you need to update the golden retriever formula. It's nice to have all these combos in one place at the top of the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tezzy37 View Post
    Great thread - but I think you need to update the golden retriever formula. It's nice to have all these combos in one place at the top of the thread.
    You're right I made an error when copying one row to the next. It's been corrected now...

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    good idea !
    i bred my unicorn with tubacan-dreambat which made me miss melodeer, but i don't complain LOL
    then unicorn was raised straight to epic. the 1st time unicorn went to breeding den (unicorn-zapra) i got kirin jade, then nothing since LOL
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    I bred pearl peryton the same day the value pack with it was live

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    Unicorn, Citrine Peregrine, Sapphire Cthulu, Ruby Razorback, Emerald Dragon, Quartz Quetzacoatl, Treasure Toucan and Golden Retriever.

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