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Thread: Officially stuck

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    Officially stuck

    Well like most on here, I finally got to a point where I have so many random parts (but not enough to actually complete anything) that I'm stuck. I have to chose to delete all these parts which means I won't ever be able to advance or cook food. The point of cooking food is to help advance but I'm in a catch 22 since I can't go anywhere without parts.

    Lame game. I'm not playing any more. It's boring to only cook sugar cookies which is about all I can do.

    Thumbs way down S8.

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    Same here! I thought I was just stupid. There should be 2 different storage departments like in Restaurant Story 2

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    I'm in the same boat...

    So I'm at the point I was worried about. My pantry keeps getting full and I need 1 or 2 items like sugar to make a recipe but can't because I'm full. I don't want to delete ALL upgrade parts, just need to delete 1 or 2 items. THIS needs to be fixed ASAP. 1 separate upgrade parts from food in the pantry 2 allow to delete 1 item at a time instead of ALL. If it isn't fixed soon, I'll be forced to quit and delete the game as it goes against my sense of propriety to delete needed items. I'd rather stop playing

    Also, pretty sure yesterday my pantry could hold 60 items after my last pantry upgrade. Then my game kept spazzing last night and reloaded several times this morning and then I realized my pantry was full. It took me a few minutes to realize it's now at 50.

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    im not throwing away my parts. Im just going to let the game sit until we get a separate storage

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