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Thread: Fantasy General Question Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minimalio View Post
    Ho ricevuto anche io stamattina un laterale ? durato solo tre minuti ..non ho fatto in tempo! poi non ? piu apparso. Ho un sistema Android...? una opportunit? offerta solo a chi usa sistema Ios ??
    I'm checking if I can get more info on this for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    I'm checking if I can get more info on this for you.
    Infinite grazie 😊

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    My question is in regards to notifications on iPhone. Is there a way to choose which notifications we receive. For example when I go to the the settings within fansyasy forwst story, I only see options for”push notifications”. These include one forbreeding finished and one for forest toured. How am I getting notifications for if my habitats have reached their limit for coins, food ready be harvested, evolutions complete etc.
    So I guess my question is where can I got to modify which of those I actually want to get notifications for?

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    So I just bred a magnetic mouse, I can?t find it in the store. I mean, I?m not complaining, I already have it though. Is it some sort of mistake?
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    I have a question about expanding. I am at level 177 and wanted to expand to add the new February creatures. When I tapped expand, I got a message saying I had expanded to all areas safe to explore. How do I open up new areas? I am thinking I need to level up, what is the quickest way to do that? I have never run out of expansion areas before.

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    There are no more expansions. We have been asking for expansions for about a year now. Welcome to the club.

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    Can we get more goals and achievements? Mines have been completed for sooooooo long. And I?ll bet other long term players have long since completed these to.Would be nice to be able to work on something while we wait for expansions......

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    I have been a daily player since October 2014 (wow does time fly by fast) and as one of the OG players who are left standing after all these years and has spent their own hard earned money on this game, I think the way Storm8 handles their customers is so disheartening. So many players have left the game after the blatant disregard from the devs. We plead and beg and ask for things like expansions, and instead get slapped in the face with being ignored and getting more money grabbing schemes pushed on us. You want money? You need to keep your players playing, ignoring their basic desire to expand more in order to continue the game means they simply delete the game and move onto something else. Seems like common sense to me.

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    67 pages is a lot so I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not but, I was just curious as to whether or not all animals make a return visit. I was more involved in another game for about 4 months and missed a substantial amount of animals at the start of last year and I was really hoping most of them would make another appearance in an "I-don't-wanna-spend-money" kinda way. We tend to follow the same themes so I hope most of them do.

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