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Thread: Double fish weekend not working correctly!

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    Double fish weekend not working correctly!

    Woke up this morning to a double fishing weekend! BUT the Halloween baits do not work, every one of them I try says it got away and I need more gummy fish AND I am pulling up golden bass.

    New event or glitch?

    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    I will flag this over.

    ++moved to Bug forum++
    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle View Post
    Thanks for letting us know! We think this should be fixed now, please force close and restart your game. Can you guys confirm for us? If you have any missing baits to report, please email so they can assist you.
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    I just lost four Halloween baits. This effectively puts the Halloween event on hold for two days for me and I'm one item away from completing the event. I needed the weekend to work on it. Thanks Storm8!

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    I got golden bass too! What's it for??

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    Quote Originally Posted by aviona0423 View Post
    I got golden bass too! What's it for??
    The golden bass was needed for previous event. There's no use for it. Seems like it's part of the glitch.

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    This is also happening for me - halloween bait coming up broken, and I caught useless golden bass with some other bait. How annoying.

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    Me Too, 4 hallowen bait just gone. Now i must find the gummy fish the hard way, with newspaper and very much luck.
    How come i must fish it on newspaper? Come on S8 you ruin my weekend entirely.
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    Same here, 3 halloween baits lost. No gummy fishes since the double fish weekend.

    I completed the other two prize machines and I am only missing one prize from the second machine, but I cannot get prizes from the machine because I cannot get gummy fishes.

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    Same here, fished with 3 or 4 spooky baits (can't remember since I was so upset about it) and all of them said "it got away, try again." It's a little frustrating, especially since it takes an hour and forty five minutes to make plus you have to fish for the anchovies and make that bait first.

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    I will flag this over.

    ++moved to Bug forum++
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    I came to the forum for the same reason. I had 3 Halloween Baits (not very easy to make with the amount of limited anchovies in the pond). Every one came back empty & said, "it got away." Very is so hard to get those gummy fish. Thank you Kookie for flagging this over!

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