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    Question 96=75

    Since yesterday my farm is level 96, it used to be 75 for ages, and I assumed this was the top level. However, yesterday I advanced 21 levels to the amazement of most of my neighbours and myself. I searched and searched, but there seem to be no new features unlocked, no gems, no expansion rights, absolutely nothing, associated with this sudden advancement in levels. Hence I must conclude that 96=75. Can anyone explain the idea behind this?

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    Yeah, that happened to one of my neighbors. I assume that TeamLava had an update that no one heard about. They probably set standards for new level experience points, and what ever amout you had lead you to level 96!

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    City Story, Bakery Story and Restaurant Story all got some minor changes, too. We can purchase new appliances in RS and BS, and the top level changed in CS and we can get more factories based on what level we are on. But I dont understand what increasing the top level in FS achieves. Higher levels in CS meant more factories unlocked depending on your level, but FS doesn't have anything to unlock. I can only hope that there will be some level related updates coming soon.

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    Check the other threads

    There are other threads already going in the FS forum with information about the level 96 change. Look around and read those for more info.

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