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Thread: Fantasy Forest Story: iOS and Android

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    I play on nexus7 & it also says not compatible with my device ��

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    I also have a Nexus 7. It says device not compatible. I even updated my OS.

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    It seems that I am not the only one with an Android incompatibility problem.

    I have an Android 4.2.1 version. The goal titled "Poaching Perfection" takes me to the usual place when I press the "Go" button. When I press install in Google Play Store, I get a message that my device is not compatible. How can I complete the goal if I cannot download the game? I know...silly question, but I have to ask and hope that someone in this forum can point me in the right direction for an answer. Oh, and why would they give me a goal that I cannot complete? Wouldn't S8 know that it would be incompatible, since they wrote the game?

    It seems odd, since I just recently downloaded Frozen Mania and Clue Bingo with no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonePudding View Post
    I know, I just find it a bit long going through another game to switch accounts. I'd definitely visit my other forests if I could log-in in the game. Maybe that's me being lazy
    On my Samsung galaxy 3 I installed the game, but it would not let me go directly to login. I had to do a few mandatory step like it was a new forest, then I could get to a point of signing in. Maybe the first time, login through another game to get your forest loaded, then it should be fine. I do think in will be getting the new galaxy note 5 when I upgrade. Getting older and playing on a small screen is not ideal.
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    I am on an android device and really want to play this game but it says it's not compatible with this version. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

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    I just installed it on my Samsung S4 phone and it's working fine. So now I too have 2 accounts

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    I also received that answer. I was able to download it onto my Samsung Galaxy 5 and then load it onto my nexus tablet

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    Unable to Find Fantasy Forest Story App

    Why can I not find the app in the Google play store at all?? I've tried a zillion times to search it and I can't find it ; (
    Whenever I'm in a game that promotes it and click install, it just takes me to the Google play website which doesn't work anymore because of the Google play application... it just doesn't make sense to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocauina View Post
    Hi Kooky, can you tell anything about this question I made on the first post of this thread? Thanks

    After this list of features, I don't see Treent-of-Life, Hareon and Solar Bear being mention along with the Storybook Adventure, does this means that this features aren't available on Android? The same about Trio Animals, don't know what TL call's to them...
    Android should have everything that iOS currently has!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    Android should have everything that iOS currently has!
    Thank you, my sources were right

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