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Thread: Castle Story: 10/29/15 Update - Trick-or-Treat! Part 3 - ~~EXPIRED~~

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    Castle Story: 10/29/15 Update - Trick-or-Treat! Part 3 - ~~EXPIRED~~

    Candy isn't the only thing we love about this time of the year! Ordinary dress just won't do for this occasion - oh no! Scaring our friends and neighbors calls for something special... Time to get out your creepiest crafts, your spookiest accessories! Ultimate scaring comes from expertly composed outfits. Might your garb be terrifying enough for this year's festivities? Entertain us with your most frightful attires of years past!

    [==Update requires Level 17+, and is live from 10/29 to 11/02 @ 11:30am.==]

    Spoiler: show
    I've been playing a game! Have you figured out this week's answer? The answer is: COSTUME
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    Trick or Treat Event
    prepared by SpiritWind
    All goals from all 3 parts now listed in this thread...
    Links to other parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Thread with Pictures of the Essence Pool

    In order to get the new Goals, you need to have "It's Play Time" complete.

    Part 3 Goals

    1. What to Wear, What to Wear
    Give 10 red petals
    Give 25 purple petals
    Give 50 white petals
    Rewards: 270 coin, 2 xp, 5 dirt puddings

    2. Costume Cosmetics
    Give 30 wool
    Give 40 pile of seeds
    Give 50 water
    Rewards: 1400 coin, 5 xp, 10 dirt puddings

    3. What Sharp Teeth You have!
    Give 50 silver ore
    Give 75 wood
    Give 75 stone
    Rewards: 2000 coin, 7 xp, 15 dirt puddings

    Separate one off goal. Farmhouses will now drop 1 cookie and 1 gummy each collection.
    1. Farm Tricks
    Visit 3 Farmhouses
    Rewards: 270 coin, 2 xp

    Part 3 Pictures

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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    Separate 1 off goal:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	25495

    Cottages now drop 1 of each item.
    There is a limit to town buildings of 40. You may have to sell something like a farmhouse to get more.

    Part 2 Goals
    11 days to complete - 10/22 to 11/02 @ 11:30am

    Where can I get Chocolate Cookies? Orphanage, Thomas's House and Ancient Vaults Adventure

    Where can I get Gummy Worms? Orphanage, Ivy's Hut and Ancient Vaults Adventure

    *** NB: Both Cookies and Gummy Worms are drops from the Ancient Vaults adventure in the Castle and Barracks

    *** NB: Cookies and Gummy Worms will drop from Thomas, Ivy and Adventures NOW if your Orphanage is not level 5.

    Dirt Pudding (Kitchen, 3 hours) - 25 chocolate cookies, 25 gummy worms, 2 sugar

    How many drops from Orphanage, Thomas, Ivy and Adventures:
    1. A Level 5 Orphanage - 3 cookies, 3 gummy worms
    2. each visit to Thomas - 1 cookie
    3. each visit to Ivy - 4 gummy worms
    4. collecting from adventure - 1 cookie, 1 gummy worm

    1. Tricks?
    Collect 3 Chocolate Cookies
    Collect 3 Gummy Worms
    Rewards: 270 coin, 2 xp

    Make 1 Dirt Pudding
    Rewards: 270 coin, 2 xp

    3. We choose Treats!
    Give 55 Dirt Puddings
    Rewards: 2000 coin, 7 xp + end prize

    End of goal.

    Part 1 Goals
    Link to Part 1

    Information on the Orphanage
    Cost:500 coin
    Found: building for Trick or Treat October 2015 limited timed event
    Drops: 350 coin/1 hour,
    Collection time: 1 hour
    Size: 3x3

    Build: 50 wood, 50 stone, 10 super glue, 10 simple feast - 350 coin/1 hour
    Level 2: 15 fancy block, 15 fancy beam, 10 hearty feast, 10 enchanter's essence
    Level 3: 3 builder's paste, 10 royal block, 10 royal beam, 55 playground blueprints
    Level 4: 50 white petals, 50 cow hides, 10 enchanters essence, 65 spooky paper
    Level 5: 10 red dye, 10 rope, 10 orange dye, 80 spooky fabric
    NB: you can't craft orange dye until the goal appears... All goals requiring special non-standard items are like that!

    Q: Where do I get Playground Blueprints?
    1. From Old Thomas's house after you have finished 4. Proper Planning
    2. Collecting from the Orphanage.
    Q: Where do I get Spooky Paper?
    1. Collecting from the Orphanage.
    2. You'll get the option to craft it in the workshop when you complete "Creepy Crafting". (Goal changed to not timed, and part of goal sequence)

    1. Giving Back
    Place the Orphanage
    Build the Orphanage
    Rewards: 270 coin, 2 xp

    2. Space to Play
    Upgrade the Orphanage to level 2
    Give 10 sugar (skip: 30)
    Rewards: 1250 coin, 5 xp

    3a. It's Play Time
    Visit the Orphanage (skip: 25)
    Upgrade the Orphanage to level 3
    Rewards: 1250 coin, 5 xp

    NB: Completing Proper Planning unlocks the Playground Blueprints to drop from Old Thomas's House.
    NB: You will NOT get blueprints from Old Thomas until you have completed this goal
    NB: you will NOT get blueprints from your neighbours, only blueprint searchers
    NB: This goal starts at the same time as number A-3.

    3b. Proper Planning - timed
    Get 20 blueprint searchers from neighboring kingdoms - ASK (skip: 200)
    Search Old Thomas's House x5 (skip: 25)
    Rewards: 2000 coin, 7 xp

    3c. Old Thomas's Blueprints
    Visit Old Thomas x1
    Rewards: 270 coin, 2 xp

    NB: when goal 4b completed the level 4 Orphanage drops Spooky Fabric
    NB: The craft will be available after upgrade to lv3 and visit the sawmills 10 times
    NB: the level 3 Orphanage now drops Spooky Paper
    4a. Creepy Crafting (timed 24 hours)
    Collect from 10 sawmills (skip: 50)
    Have 50 orange petals

    4b. Tricks for Kids
    Visit the Orphanage x5 (skip: 25)
    Upgrade the Orphanage to level 4

    4c. Spooky Paper Crafting
    Make some Spooky Paper (3 wood, 1 living wood, 3 orange petal. 16 hours) [you can have a max of 65]

    NB: goals 5a. & 5 appear at the same time

    5a. Fabric Financing
    Tend 15 horses (skip: 75)
    Give 50 horse hair (skip: 100)

    5b. Orphan Treats
    Visit the Orphanage x5 (skip: 25)
    Upgrade the Orphanage to Level 5
    Visit the Level 5 Orphanage
    Rewards: 2000 coin, 7 xp, 5 Dirt Pudding
    The flower you need is called Talinum Auranticum (for orange petals). The plant looks like it has yellowish leaves.

    5c. Ivy's Fabric
    VISIT Ivy's Hut
    Rewards: 270 coin 2xp
    NB: Ivy's Hut now drops Spooky Fabric
    (possibly more to come next week?)
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    Good grief... I had enough to do all the quests (did we get 30 puddings in total?) and all of a sudden I am done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castloninian View Post
    Good grief... I had enough to do all the quests (did we get 30 puddings in total?) and all of a sudden I am done.
    Yep something like that it went by fast, now to stock back up on supplies. It was quick if you had everything on hand

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    And just like that, from 33 puddings to 55. I imagine this will help a lot, but sucks for those who used a lot of gems to speed through the collections. It's really feast or famine with Storm8, isn't it?

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    Talk about an update! Had all the resources and went from 20 to 50 puddings in 3 minutes. Just gotta do the farmhouses now. I am so happy I decided to hang in there and not go crazy and just as I thought they came through to make it possible without gemming through!

    Happy Collecting everyone and I hope this update gives everyone a chance to earn the pond!
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    Love the game & aesthetics, want it to look real/fun & true! During quests sadly aesthetics put aside for collections, but happy when over. Have expansions to improve as well!
    Still part of the confirmation button club!

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    Do the farmhouses continue to drop cookies and worms after the goal is reached? If so I'm making farmhouses to finish the task

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    woah, a big thanks to Team Lava! I was really in the weeds with only 15 dirt puddings and have 45 now! Thank goodness for maxed out inventory supplies making it so easy.
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    no farmhouses left, no white petals...! means a ten minute wait in which to check here! A bit of a waste of time (and gems?!) to have been tapping my resourses every hour, but hey at least that comes to an early end! Now i can spend time baking REAL halloween goodies

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    Break out the table cloth. I'm having some dirt pudding tonight. I was barely on track to get this done. Now, I'm placing the pond. I wonder how many dirt puddings we'll need in he future. It seems S8 either heard the cries loud and clear or they're helping us out for something more.

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