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    Nugget #1 - Inventory Overrun discussed on how to overrun inventory items. Now what about the inventory itself? The inventory is one place you will spend a lot of time. By storing or removing items, skimming through the list to find items #459, the white cow, on page 153 to decorate your map.

    The inventory is represented in the game by the storage cellar, a small building with a 2x2 footprint and a purple roof.
    Storage Cellar
    Storable: No
    Type: Building
    Source: Purchase
    Size: 2x2
    Requirements: 500 coins // 3 Wooden Beam, 3 Stone Block
    Cap: 1
    The storage cellar cannot be stored away to avoid a physical paradox. However, the cellar itself is a multi-dimensional storage facility.

    There is not limit on the number different items you can store. For each 3 different items stored, a page number is added. So if you have 300 different items, you will have 100 pages inventory.

    Some items have a cap, for example you cannot store more than 99 buckets of water. On the other hand you can store 1000 dark seeds without hitting a storage limit.

    The game has a large variety of items. The number is growing continually, mainly due to the different events producing unique items or the Baron Tent game adding a long list of new items each month.

    At the time of writing, there are over 1500 different items identified. If you are a hardcore hoarder since day 1, can fully achieve each event, purchase each decoration offered, have one building on each level in the inventory and have a duplicate of each other item ever made available, you can have a whooping inventory of 500 pages!

    The List
    Having the full list of all possible items here would make this nugget insane long and hard to maintain. So I have added a web page with all items found with some attributes: The full Castle Story inventory, but if you want detailed info, look into The HUB. This list is constantly updated to reflect the current state of the game.

    Caution: do not visit this inventory with a mobile connection; you will probably annihilate your monthly subscription in no time (unless you have unlimited data coverage).

    An alternative view is the Castle Story Inventory Card page. This one contains all the inventory cards you can encounter. Be careful as this page is >3x bigger as the other one!


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