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Thread: Fashion Story Gifters Only (For People Who Need Gifts, But Not Tips)

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    Fashion Story Gifters Only (For People Who Need Gifts, But Not Tips)

    This list if for players who don't care about receiving tips. They only want to receive gifts, whether by request or by general gifting.
    Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head, so you won't pop off at the mouth.


    Not adding neighbors at this time. All requests will be declined.
    ❤️Love ya, IsisGarden (Fashion Story Moderator)
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    Yes! I am definitely in need of neighbors who gift daily and don't care if I tip or not. I send out gifts every morning but only tip sporadically so my ratings stays at about a 1 or a 2. Please add kmarie8923 if you want to be neighbors and will gift back.

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    add me. ilianacatspawn2. I gift daily and try to tip as much as I can.

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    add me please

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    Add me please. SydCam51400

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    Daily player/gifter. I accept all requests. No tipping required ID: vesstrina

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    ID : CynthiaYaniomiMalave
    Feel free to add me ��

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    Daily player! Please add me.. NatesMum26

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    add me >>> id: manota99182

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    I gift daily add me girlforlife11

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