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Thread: Accidentally bought the cabbage hut

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    Accidentally bought the cabbage hut

    I was so excited for an update I bought the cabbage hut not realizing it cost over 400 gems is there ant way you can refund me, my fingers were faster than my eyes. I was saving my gems for the upcoming holiday items, I would appreciate anything you can do for me. Thanks my ID bj2500 rockyville is my kingdom

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    Cabbage Hut error!

    I did the exact same thing and I'm horrified! You can have the cabbage hut back!!!!! I'm TrinityPenn and my kingdom is Statesville.
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    Sorry to hear that! Please email so they can help you with your account.

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    I did exactly the same thing. I only hope that the extra cabbage a day can be saved until there is something I want to use them on. If not 450 gems for 1 cabbage per day is an extortionate amount.
    I would also like to know why we cannot store the tent.

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