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Thread: "Sorry, no events at this time"!?!

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    "Sorry, no events at this time"!?!

    I posted this message on the Humble Harvest event thread, too...just trying to reach someone who can help...

    I'm a newbie...this was the first DS Tales event I had any hope of completing. Yesterday morning, I paid gold to access the final day early, and it showed I still had two days to complete the event. Finished act ten, chapter three, this morning, and expected my final act...instead got a popup saying "sorry, no events at this time." Wondering what in the world is going on...messaged Kooky Panda but I don't think the mods work on the weekends, and this is my last day for the event. Can anyone help or advise? Thank you!

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    Is is possible you finished. Check your storage for the autumn dragon
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    Hey there! I've checked your account and it seems like you completed the event! The Autumn Dragon should be in your Storage.

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