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Thread: Flash Tournament! 10/02/15 - Nocturtle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ogreve View Post
    Hehehe, to "lighten up" (pun intended) matters, here's a funny thought: with all those candles on its back, I wonder if there's any animal that dares to go into the breeding den with her...
    True, omg, lol!!

    To be honest, this turtle is one of the ugliest animals, imho. It would be really pretty without the candles, with that dark blue shade (my favorite color). The only animals I won on the Tournaments were these last two. I really like the Timber. Let's see what's next

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    I think this animal, with a different color scheme and a bit of a redesign, would have been a whimsical commemoration of FFS's one year anniversary. Birthday cake turtle!
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