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Thread: Castle Story: October 2015

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jan 2015
    Cleveland, Ohio
    CS and DS- please send shield tokens and I'll try to return the favor:

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    Please add me MayahPares

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    My ID is scarletdragon18, I respond to all requests! Looking for neighbors to gift sword/shield tokens and living wood!
    Games I play: CS, BS, RS
    I accept all neighbor requests! I also try to return gifts in a timely manner~

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    i had a level 39 castle until my phone was stolen. i am now at 14 with a new ID: carvooo i play multiple times a day and get notifications on my phone so i answer requests almost immediately. all active players regardless of their level can add please and thank you!

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    Please add jumpingjoan

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    Add me: kittyleigh8

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    Add me please! drexlergetsyou

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    Apr 2013
    Please add me, my id is khyaiin

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    Jul 2012
    Add me please
    Tokens appreciated & returned!

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    New neighbors welcome, I don't care about daily visits, I don't visit everyday.
    ID: sanadragon

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