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Thread: Castle Story: October 2015

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    Castle Story: October 2015

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    (I'm unable to accept anymore neighbours at this time... sorry all)

    Make sure you check the Hub for links to game guides, helpful information, Castle 101 help for brand new players and many many more helpful tips and tricks.

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    I need active neighbors to answer requests. I don't care if you visit or not, I don't visit daily.
    ID: annasfarmville

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    hey, i'm looking for new neighbours, as quite a lot of mine went inactive.
    ID: winter_seas

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    LTTri - Active Player - do not visit unless requested to.

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    I am just starting back after a long break with 2 kingdoms:

    mommabelle125 (my baby kingdom)

    annabelle125a (my older kingdom)

    I play on both

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    Add me please! Play together!^^

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    Hi all my kingdom is Penguinville, lv 47
    add lamlarissa if you wish us to be neighbours!
    I also play bakery story, bakery name is sweety, lv 99 with same id

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    Please add me


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    Add me: AlexandrK

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