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Thread: Watch a video ... Get free gems???

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    Unhappy Watch a video ... Get free gems???

    Last week we were introduced to watching videos advertisements for a free reward, for various storm 8 games. Why are some players getting a gem per view and others only 75 coins? (Same in CS, some get all gems, others only an energy) I get that it's free, but just wondering why the differences between players? ...aka I wanna be in the group that earned 56 gems last week for watching videos, LOL.

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    Some of us aren't even getting a chance to earn coins... Just sayin'
    We will remember... 🌿💭🌿

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    I have 4 farms on different devices. My two farms that have over 100 gems earned/purchased get this goal daily and I can earn 1 gem per view for 8 views. All my other farms do not get these goals

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    I only get coins but most times the video doesn't work

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    I only get coins too

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