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Thread: Castle Story: 09/17 Update - The Blythewood Faeries, Part 2

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    I was going to ask something similar. I have been to each adventure (Dark Caves, Desert Sands and Feral Lands) 3 times each, and haven't received anything. Very frustrating!

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    I finished goal 4 and it showed Panic at the Plume Hive and directed me to go to the Plume Hive, which I DID! But when checking on here it says to go to the Fur Burrow! Is this a glitch? The Fur Burrow is open so I can go there next but now I'm missing a day. Want to warn other players to go to correct adventure, whichever it is. Thanks.

    Disregard. I'm on Part 3 now. But it never told me to go to Fur Burrow on part 2.

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    Can we get more than 1 drop from multiple adventures so that we can create duplicate charm. Or put another way, does the ability to craft charms go away after making one.

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