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Thread: Stuck thread! Let the community help you!

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    With that level, it takes luck and s****. Some suggest going to the side, I say go right up the middle. You have to get through the bottom level using the least number of bubbles possible. As quickly as possible, try to drop the bubble generator since it screws things up by randomizing color. Look for strings to drop and get to the last color release bubble. It allows you to drop a whole string of like-colored bubbles. It took me several times to break the level. It helped to earn a rainbow boost by replaying easy levels.

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    Level 97?

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    I am completely stuck on level 118.. I must be missing something as I am not even coming close to having enough bubbles? Can anyone please help?! Thank you! :-)

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    I am completely stuck on 66. I see others have said that you should get to the top half with atleast 24 bubbles left, and I've done that, and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, but I can't complete this one. Help! Thank you

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    Got to level 88 without having to spend any tokens.
    Any clues on how to get through this one? Been stuck for a week. starting to peeve me that you can end up with so many of the same color in a row.

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    I am stuck on level 64 can anyone pls help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaaaaample View Post
    I completed level 60 with 14/18 stars.
    I beat level 60 with the same stars. Did you ever get more levels? If so, how?

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