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Thread: Missing diamonds!!!

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    Missing diamonds!!!

    I recall having 256 diamonds before I went to work and lo and behold when I log back in I've got 183 left! What happened??? I didn't buy anything with them nor can I find anything new in my cellar nor did my cash increase. Itbetter get returned or this is it for me.

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    Sorry to hear that! Please email so they can take a look at your account.

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    That's strange too here I had 61 gems came in last night only 21 who knows I'm so careful as well with them... was saving them too

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    When I am collecting from my corgi and the mole a gem floats to the top of the screen but nothing gets added into the total. Over the last few weeks I should have collected at least 10 of them but the total never increases! If it is coin it works. whomever coded this didn't copy the right bit :-)

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    For loss of gems (or not getting gems) please send an email to
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