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Thread: MrArny's Valentine's Day Contest

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    MrArny's Valentine's Day Contest

    Time: Monday, February 14th, 2011 - Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

    Description: Post a picture of your restaurant and write a short description of what would be the perfect gift for you on Valentine's Day and why.

    How to Enter:

    1. Post a picture of your restaurant.
    2. Post a short description of your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day gift for you and the reason why it's the perfect gift.
    3. Your ID (Please do not enter this contest if you do not wish to post your ID).
    4. The name of the TeamLava game you wish for the Gems/City Cash to be credited to if you should win.

    How the Winner Will Be Decided: MrArny will choose the winner depending on whichever restaurant catches their eye.


    1st Place - 60 Gems to the TeamLava game of your choice
    2nd Place - 30 Gems to the TeamLava game of your choice
    3rd Place - 27 Gems to the TeamLava game of your choice

    A big thanks to MrArny for conceptualizing this event and for donating their Gems to be used for the prizes!

    *MrArny, after you have selected the winners, please e-mail again to verify your choices of the winners.

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    Exclamation Valentine's Day Contest

    2.) A perfect Valentine's day gift for me would be gems, because then I can decorate and design the restaurant of my dreams <3.
    3.) ID: littlelady7
    4.) Restaurant Story

    I decorated and used like 30$ real cash for this game I bought a pack of gems 3 times for the Valentine's box, and another for Magic box. I tried to make it the best I can. I'm new at this and only level 13. Please help me create the restaurant I want. And my restaurant isn't that great, but I'm trying to get it to be a pink theme. If I won, I would be so happy!!!!!!

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    The perfect Valentine gift for me would be a jukebox. The restaurant isn't the most pretty or decorated yet, but I'm slowly working my way into making it look like a traditional lounge that I saw in a movie ^_^

    ID: TinyCookies

    TeamLava Game: Restaurant Story

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    2)A BOX OF CHOCOLATE would be a perfect Valentine's gift because they are sweet & they are meaningful. Also it isn't that expensive to search for a heart shape box to package mainly the favorite kinds of chocolate you prefer (For example hershey kisses) A similar item that I would really like to have in my restaurant would be the Chocolate Fountain because it symbolizes Love flows around the everyone & we are nourished by it =].


    4) Restaurant Story

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    The best I could ask for is to spending quality time with my loved ones on this special day. It doesn't have to involve any gifts, as long as we're all happy and laughing, it's all good. As in 'loved ones", I'm speaking of my family in general. Now if you are referring to the game, I would probably want a piano or a pool table to fit into my restaurant

    My ID: cityerror

    Game: Restaurant Story

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    Passion Seasoning

    Restaurant name: Passion Seasoning

    My perfect gift would be a simply "YES" yet, it would mean everything for me, cos I'm proposing!! To my gf!! I have planed it for quite a while and it gonna be in a restaurant, I have invited some friends and family and learned how to play our song ( My heart will go on) on piano!! After that surprise I'll knell and ask her to marry me!! I would do this in a month, in our third gf&bf anniversary... Wish me luck!!
    Thxs TL and MrArny for the contest I wanted to share my design and see others as well.
    Id geluve

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    Oh sorry for the post above if I'm lucky enough to win I would like the gems credited to restorant story please.. Thxs again

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    ID nayomayo

    i won the restaurant of the week title two weeks back, my sister and cousin won city and empire of the weeks title last week. My 6 years old daughter is a die hard TL games fan. She plays empire story on my cousins ipad, restaurant and bakery story on my sisters iphone and treasure on my phone. On hearing our wins she last week said to me "mama please post my stories pictures too next time' So that why i am posting this picture. Her name is eshaal and her restaurants name is eshu's cafe. She doesnt understand the concept of valentine too clearly but this would be THE most perfect gift for her. I hope she wins

    credits gems to restaurant story if she wins

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    Gems would be the perfectttttttttt gift for me. basically i loveee the cookie and pie display in the bakery story. It would be really wonderful to win some gems here (and add them up with my own hard earned gems) and get the items i desire. Generally on valentines day .. no doubt a gift really makes you feel special and happy, but its true that being with your loved ones is the biggest gift one can ask for.

    ID silvermist8
    credit points to bakery story please.

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    I would love to have the ice swan in my restaurant. I think there is something missing in my restaurant, so I would let the ice swan be the highlight in there :-) I saw it in other restaurants and tried to get it by tap the Magic Shell. But there came something else than the wonderful ice swan.. Now I don't have got enough gems, to try it again.. The perfect valentine gift for me would be the ice swan, because:
    ♥ღ ?.?*?? It is just the way it is: I am falling in love with the ice swan ?`*?.? ღ♥

    ID: Lanas

    TeamLava Game: Restaurant Story

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