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Thread: Country Picnic World Event August 25 to September 1

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    Country Picnic World Event August 25 to September 1

    Click image for larger version. 

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    7 day event starting August 25th and ending on September 1st.

    Collect Picnic Blankets to earn prizes by doing the following:
    * Hatching dragons from your Nest
    * Harvesting food at your Farms
    * Completing a special quest at the Quest Outpost
    * Fighting in the Battle Arena (levels 30+)

    Individual Prizes:

    Name:  Picnic_Display.png
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    Picnic Basket at 25 Picnic Blankets collected.
    Place on your island to collect 4 Picnic Blankets every 4 hours.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Picnic_Baby.png 
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    Picnic dragon at 200 Picnic Blankets collected.
    Rare, White-Yellow-Red, 13 hours

    Name:  Sunflower_Stone.png
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    Sunflower Stones at 400 Picnic Blankets collected.

    Meadow dragon at 700 Picnic Blankets collected.
    Rare, Yellow-Green, 18 hours

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lovers_Tree_Baby.png 
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    Lovers Tree dragon at 1100 Picnic Blankets collected.
    Super Rare, White-Yellow-Green, 15 hours

    Community Prizes:
    based on the number of Picnic Blankets collected by all Dragon Story players. You must collect 400 Picnic Blankets to receive community prizes.

    Tire Swing decoration at 20,000,000 Picnic Blankets

    Country Barn decoration at 60,000,000 Picnic Blankets

    Watermelon dragon at 100,000,000 Picnic Blankets
    Super Rare, Pink-Green, 13 hours

    To Win all of the Individual Prizes you will need to earn approximately 158 Picnic Blankets per day. Days begin and end at from 10:30am Pacific Time.

    158 by the end of day 1
    315 by the end of day 2
    472 by the end of day 3
    629 by the end of day 4
    786 by the end of day 5
    943 by the end of day 6
    1100 by the end of day 7

    Lots of great info from cocauina on World Events in this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by cocauina View Post

    Currently World Event

    Started: 8/25/2015
    Ends: 9/1/2015

    14th - Country Picnic Event
    Release date: 8/25/2015 - 7 days
    Item name: Picnic Baskets
    Minimum level needed: 20
    Community prizes unlocks: 400 picnic baskets

    Individual Prizes Community Prizes
    Picnic Display - 25 picnic baskets
    Picnic Dragon - 200 picnic baskets
    Sunflower Stone - 400 picnic baskets
    Meadow Dragon - 700 picnic baskets
    Lovers Tree Dragon - 1,100 picnic baskets
    Tire Swing - 20,000,000 picnic baskets
    Country Barn - 60,000,000 picnic baskets
    Watermelon Dragon - 100,000,000 picnic baskets

    Quest Outpost
    Barbecue Blitz - 3 hours - 4 picnic basket - Fire Dragon

    Additional picnic baskets buildings
    Picnic Displau - 4 picnic baskets every 4 hours
    Barbecue Bench - 16 picnic baskets every 4 hours (market only)

    Sunflower Stone
    Tire Swing
    Country Barn

    Dragon Type/Element Rarity Incubation time
    Picnic Dragon
    Meadow Dragon
    Lovers Tree Dragon
    Watermelon Dragon
    White, Yellow, Red
    Yellow, Green
    White, Yellow, Green
    Pink, Green
    Super Rare
    Super Rare
    18 hours
    15 hours
    13 hours

    Feature Release

    The World Event feature was first released only for IOS players on March, 12 of 2014. The Egyptian Adventure Event was the 1st event.
    On January, 15 of 2015, TL released a new update for the game to Android users with most of the IOS features, so Android users had their 1st World Event on February, 3 of 2015, Love At First Flight Valentine's Event.

    Basic Important Information

    When the 3rd World Event was released, TL released the first building that would help the players collecting more items, but the players needed to buy this building from the market so they could receive more 4 items every 4 hours. When the 4th World Event was released, TL changed the rules about this building, they created 2 buildings that give items for this events. The first building gives 4 items every 4 hours and is the first individual prize (any player can buy another in the market), the second building gives 16 items every 4 hours (only available in the market). Sometimes TL decides to double the amount of items this buildings gives for a certain amount of time, so 8 instead of 4, and 32 instead of 16.

    The building that give items, when you won from the World Event, you can find this building in the ALL tab in your Storage, you need to place this building in your island so you can start collecting the items every 4 hours. After the event is over, this buildings become decorations.

    Every dragon from this events, cannot be breeded, they are "not found through breeding", this is also in the description of every dragon. Olympus Dragon currently is the only exception.

    You receive 1 item per hour from Eggs and Harvesting Food. For example:
    Diamond Dragon egg takes 44 hours, you will receive 44 items when you hatch the egg (you can either hatch the dragon or sell the egg).
    Scalypears food takes 20 hours, you will receive 20 items when you harvest the food.

    The special quest at the Quest Outpost, gives 4 items.
    The Dragon can be at any level, there's no minimum level.
    Between the 1st and the 8th World Event, the Quest duration was 4 hours.
    Since the 9th World Event, the Quest duration has been 3 hours.

    Fighting in the Battle Arena will give you only 1 item per battle.
    When a Battle Tournament is active, you will receive 2 items per battle.

    How it works..

    Welcome to world events, where you and other Dragon Story players will collect items to earn individual and community prizes!

    You can earn items by taking these actions around your Isles:

    Hatching dragons from your Nest
    Harvesting food at your Farms
    Completing a special quest at the Quest Outpost
    Fighting in the Battle Arena (levels 30+)

    Once you collect enough items to earn the first individual prize, the second individual prize will unlock. After the Dragon Story community collects enough items to earn a community prize, all players who have collected enough items to be eligible will receive it. Your prizes will be placed in your storage. Have Fun!
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    Whoo hoo! A DS Picnic!! Someone please pass the potato salad
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    If I'm seeing this correctly, it looks like there is only one dragon in the community prize this time?

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    so funny! this morning when the spin wheel was over, i was like "i wonder what's next. probably a world event b/c a tourney and chapter event just ended" and i was right! haha i guess i've finally gotten a hang of the pattern.
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    Just like all previous world events, I'm sure everyone can get the last community prize
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    I am happy that it is only 1 week. So are we getting a group habitat in this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bexrexbex View Post
    If I'm seeing this correctly, it looks like there is only one dragon in the community prize this time?
    Looks that way. Hopefully they can all go in the same habitat, my sunset from the last event is apart from his other fun in the sun dragon friends

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    So 4 dragons and no habitat. I guess I answered my own question.

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    My first DS world event! How exciting! But I only have 1 large farm and 6 small ones. Shoot! I don't have the room to upgrade more than one or two, so will most likely not get all individual prizes. Should be able to get the community prizes though since I immediately got 38 blankets ( had 2 eggs ready to hatch and food ready to be collected). Good luck, everyone! Let's enjoy the picnic!

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    Darn it! I thought the house thing was the habitat, why don't they ever give 1 included.

    I collected from my farms very very early this morning rather than my usual morning hour so will have to wait until tomorrow to unlock even the first basket.

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