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Thread: Chromatic Crush : World Event - Feb 21 2020

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    Chromatic Crush : World Event - Feb 21 2020

    In the Chromatic event, you and other players will collect Hueful Hearts to earn individual and community prizes!

    You can earn Hueful Hearts by doing the following:

    • Earn up to 1000 points by raising a Whitebloom Dragon to level 10
    • 5x points for winning battles
    • 3x points for Breeding your dragons
    • 1x Hatching dragons from your nests
    • 1x Harvesting food at your Farms
    • 3x Evolving your dragons
    • Obtaining the Romantigram and Lovely Lights decorations

    Hatch or craft the Whitebloom Dragon and send it on the Terror's Heart, Terror's Mind, and Terror's Hand Adventures to earn many points!

    Once you collect enough Hueful Hearts to earn the first individual prize, the second individual prize will unlock. After the community collectively gathers enough Hueful Hearts to earn a community prize, all players who have collected enough Hueful Hearts to be eligible will receive it. Your Prizes will be placed in your storage. Have fun!

    Individual Prizes

    Prize Hearts Description



     Visit your Romantigram
     every 4 hours to collect
     15 Hueful Hearts
    Hueful Gem


     Use these to craft your
     Whitebloom Dragon
     during the Chromatic

    Lovely Lights


     Visit your Lovely
     Lights every 4 hours
     to collect 100 Hueful

    Cutiepie Dragon


     Rarity: Super Rare
     Type: Valentine, Pink
     Incubation: 15 hours

    Amourshine Dragon


     Rarity: Ultra Rare
     Type: Valentine, Yellow
     Incubation: 20 hours

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    I was hoping I wouldn't like these dragons so I wouldn't feel compelled to activate my second breeding den and try hard to get them, but darn it, I do like them. *heads off to activate dens*

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