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Thread: Bought deli counter and now it's gone!

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    Question Bought deli counter and now it's gone!

    I bought the deli counter last night. The 60,000 was deducted and the counter appeared and was being built. I logged out and, when I logged back in this morning, the deli counter is gone and so is the money I spent on it. I also have the option of buying another counter, but, of course, I no longer have the money to do so. Any advice? As a low level player, it'll take me quite a while to get that money again and I don't want to spend 60,000 more just to lose it again.

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    Please try restarting your game or device. If the counter and/or coins are still missing, please send an email to for assistance.
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    I restarted both before posting. I'll email. Thank you!

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