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Thread: Dragon Tales Event: The Time Of Dragons (IOS only??)

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    The time of Dragons. New story

    Just started. 1. Plant fir apples x2. Good thing I did not start a 20 hr crop. Phew!Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    There haven't been any changes made to the Time of Dragons event. The challenges you face may be different depending upon your individual level.

    Edit (KP)

    Quote Originally Posted by owa411 View Post
    Alright here we go again, a new Dragon Tales event. The only difference, this time we have 10 chapters to complete. So good luck to you all. I will list the 10 chapters below

    Chapter 1&2
    Attachment 22644

    Chapter 3
    Attachment 22645

    Chapter 4
    Attachment 22646

    Chapter 5
    Attachment 22647

    Chapter 6
    Attachment 22648

    Chapter 7
    Attachment 22649

    Chapter 8
    Attachment 22650

    Chapter 9
    Attachment 22651

    Final chapter
    Attachment 22652

    Good luck peeps
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    this one looks like it's gonna be good! happy i have some food stored up (with my nest almost available) cause i know we'll be evolving something to level 10.
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    10 chapters this time

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    better make sure you have gems to craft spell scrolls (if any of the previous events are any indication)
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Current Event will automatically start on Tuesday August 11th at 10:30 am Pacific time if you don't start it sooner.

    I wrote up some guidelines after the last Dragon Tales Event. Note that this information is based on past events and may differ from the current event.

    How it works:
    The event begins at reset (10:30 am Pacific time).
    Each day ends and the next day starts at midnight Pacific time.
    Each day ends at a fixed time relative to when you started the event. Say you start on a Tuesday, day 2 starts Wednesday at midnight Pacific time, day 3 starts Thursday at midnight Pacific time, etc. If you skip ahead on day 1 to play the tasks for day 2, you will still have to wait until Thursday at midnight Pacific time to start the tasks for day 3 unless you spend more gold to skip ahead.
    Each day has a series of tasks. At the end of day one, you will receive a dragon. This dragon will need to be leveled up during the event and will need to go on special quests as prompted. You may need to make this dragon epic, so plan your food accordingly as it may take 100,000 food.
    The tasks get increasingly difficult and more time consuming each day. The first 3 days are pretty easy and could all be completed in one day if needed.
    You do not need to complete each day within that day. If you fall behind a day you will not have to wait until midnight for the next step, it will start right away.
    The prize for the first day is a dragon. Even if you don't want to try to complete the event, you can play day 1 to get this dragon.
    There are prizes for completing the tasks for each day of the event. Day 1 you get the dragon mentioned above. On days 2-7 the prizes may be coins & experience points, special event related d?cor, food, or maps. If you complete the event, you will receive a second dragon.
    If the event ends before you have completed every task, you will not get the final prize.
    Each task may be skipped by using gold. Sometimes parts of tasks may be skipped by using gold such as any task that needs to be done more than once.
    Tasks may differ for players below level 31 as these players can't battle yet.
    These events are iOS only.

    When to Start:
    You do not need to start right away. There is a window of time in which you may start the game. Your 7 days start when you start the event so your day 1 may be different from your neighbor's day 1. At the end of this window, the event will automatically start. You can chose not to participate in the event if you wish.
    The last 3-4 days of the event will require a lot of attention. Schedule the event to work with your personal schedule. Maybe you have a family reunion and will be busy all weekend. It may make sense for you to start on Friday as the first 3 days are quick and easy (day 1 usually takes 5 minutes total, and day 2 usually takes 5-10 minutes if you plan ahead). Whereas, if you started on Tuesday you would need to spend a lot of time with the game. This either compromises your reunion or your ability to complete the event.
    Days 1-3 can be completed in one day if necessary. Say the event automatically starts and you aren't free to play yet. No problem, start when you can.
    Starting a day or two after the event begins means you will know what all the tasks are based on the information posted here on the forum. It is always easier if you know what to expect.

    General Tips:
    Check the forum for information on the tasks required for each day of the event. Use this information to plan your approach to the event. It will be much easier if you know what to expect and when you need to be ready to breed, battle, quest, craft, etc.
    Do not use gold to skip to the next day. It is not worth it unless you are doing so strategically.
    Some tasks can be done ahead of time: quests, crafting (such as spell scrolls), and leveling up the dragon received on day 1. Do not collect until prompted or it will not count!
    Some tasks cannot be done ahead of time such as breeding and battling. If one of the tasks is to mate a certain dragon, you need to wait for the prompt or it will not count. Same goes for battling, you need to be prompted first.
    You may need to breed two days in a row. Make sure your breeding den is available when needed. Plan your breeding for outcomes less than 24 hours if you need to breed the next day.
    Each task may be skipped by using gold. The amount of gold varies depending on the task. Try to avoid using gold at the beginning of the event as the event will get more difficult each day and the temptation, or need, to skip tasks will increase.
    If you are stuck on a particularly difficult battle, consider speeding up the time between battles instead of using an Ultimate hit. It only cost 4 gold to battle again right away compared to the 12 gold for Ultimate (30 gold if there is a tournament). You may choose to use Ultimate if you don't have many good battling dragons. If you do use Ultimate, use it within the battle as it will cost you 12 gold instead of the 30 gold required for each battle if you skip the task from the event interface.

    If you have completed a task and you haven't received credit for it, try force closing and reopening your game. To force close, double click on the home buton and swipe up on any apps you wish to force close. If that fails, try deleting our game and reinstalling it. Your game progress is saved on storm8's servers so you shouldn't lose any progress. You may wish to make sure you have a login for your storm8 account just in case you need it after reinstalling your game.
    When prompted to feed your dragon, usually on the second day, feed it any amount equal to or greater than the prompted amount. If your dragon needs to evolve first, evolve it and then feed it. There should be time on day 2 to do this easily. Or you can pay the gold to skip this step, usually a very small amount of gold.

    Planning for the next Dragon Tales Event:
    Have the gemstones on hand to craft 2 Spell Scrolls (2 small yellow & 2 small green gemstones). The best way to do this is to trade your duplicate rare dragons. Rare dragons will give at least 2 small gemstones. Common dragons can work as they will give one small gemstone thugh it may not be th color you want. For instance, Wild is a common red-green dragon. Trading it will give you either a smal green or a small red gemstone so it may take several tries to get a small green gemstones by trading Wild dragons.
    Consider keeping a stash of food on hand to level up the dragon received on day 1. So far, the most food required has been 100,000.
    Have an assortment of small gemstones on hand to craft some required item. It is always easier to not need to speed breed, evolve, and trade just to craft an item.
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    Can't start it yet just started 5h diamondates !
    Hope there will be a big amount of apples in rewards
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    i finished chapter 1 and have the prize dragon in the nest (5 Hour incubation). Can't decide if it makes sense to skip to the next act (for 5 gold, its 12 hour wait) seeing as im sure we'll have to raise this baby to a level 4
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    Act 2 of 3 is to harvest the firapples x2
    Act 3 of 3 is to visit 2 neighbors

    The prize is the Astro dragon! He looks like a dragon version of a robocop lol

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    I'm so not ready for this! Started anyway. So glad I'll at least get the robo-dragon!

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    I know! I'm not ready either! This plus the flash tournament? Way too much going on

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