I'm not sure if this is considered a bug or not, but I've searched haven't seen anything about this issue in the forum.

I love the dragons based on celestial... They look amazing with those huge wings! But it seems that once they evolve past the juvenile stage, they go from gliding like eagles, to looking like they are trying to claw their own faces off in mid-air.

I can't tell if this is a glitch depending on player, or if it's throughout all of DS, but all of the adult and epic versions of celestial-based dragons I've seen look absolutely ridiculous when they fly. I'm pretty sure TL didn't intend for their dragon animation to look like that.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this? It makes me cringe whenever they release new dragons with the celestial base, even though they look awesome, because I know I won't want to evolve them past a certain point...dragons such as Olympus, butterfly, bliss, scarab, and now ivory (among others).

Regrettably, I accidentally evolved my only Bliss to adult last night. While in juvenile he soared about beautifully, but he now looks like he's trying to climb instead of fly...scratching his eyes out the entire time. He went from blissfully beautiful, to a painful eye-sore/soar lol And he *was* one of my favorite dragons.

Hopefully S8 and TL take notice of this so they can fix the beautiful flying animation of Celestial-based dragons so players can enjoy the dragons the way the designers intended.

Thank you