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Thread: Suggestion Thread: DECOR ITEMS

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    Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International

    Quote Originally Posted by IsisGarden View Post
    If you have a decor suggestion, please post it here. One suggestion per post, please. Only post DECOR ITEM suggestions here. Please include pictures.

    Decor items include tables, counters, wall decor, floor decor, wall tiles, and floor tiles. To post a suggestion for a LTO, go here.

    Hi I was wondering if we could get some decor items that suggests that the my shop is a pageant dress/gown shop. Can you all make a mannequin that looks like Miss Universe or Miss World? I would love that. Here is an example of a Miss Universe. Thanks!
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    Please bring back the Backlit tiles for all colours: red, blue, gold, silver, green and purple if have in purple ❤️

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    Can u pls release some good tiles and walls for coins in pink color.
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    Hi guys.
    First of all, thanks for the new decor and thanks for offering some old displays for us.
    I don't know if it is possible....but here are my suggestion.
    I just fell in love with the emerald fountain. Is it possible to make it in other colors too? I would love love love to have it in pink. Omg. It's a dream.
    Another request is....can you guys sell again the fairytale spring display? I wasn't playing when you guys sold it. So, please, I would be very happy to have the opportunity to get it.
    Thanks a lot. I love the game.

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    A mannequin on which we can put anything we want to

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    I would love a 1x1 sign that indicated remodeling. Maybe something like Pardon Our Mess, Remodeling! or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jellybeansandme View Post
    I would love a 1x1 sign that indicated remodeling. Maybe something like Pardon Our Mess, Remodeling! or something.
    That's not a bad idea.
    Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head, so you won't pop off at the mouth.


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    I love the Remodeling sign idea!! I hate when I'm redoing my store and have to leave it a mess! At least a sign would make me feel better lol...

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    Love this idea!

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    Oh yes how about a day bed?? One with side and back rails decorated with finials or for example leaves. At my own home I have a footstool that's a black bear a fuzzy one like a stuffed animal only its a footstool. More big tall decorative trees like a ficus tree in a pot or a braided tree in a pot plz? I don't remember what its called but a tall jewelry cabinet that has lots of drawers stands on the floor? And in my shop I have the puppies. But could we have a pedigree dog? Something lavish like a afghan hound a standard poodle even a doberman? Maybe have a bunch of pedigree dogs in a "crate" for the 24 gems?? All the american favorites. A beautiful collie would be super. In most house holds the woman does all the shopping for the whole family. Have maybe men's clothing line? Toddlers would be super cute to could be a lot of creative clothing there. All households have flat screen TVs and laptops to. Movie cabinets game consoles cellphones have a table with a laptop on it or even a TV stand with TV and brickabrack on it.

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