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Thread: Why didn't I get Alejandro?

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    Why didn't I get Alejandro?

    A few minutes before the end of the event I purchased gems since I realized I wasn't going to make it & finished adding the last two dishes I could, which was within the last 2 minutes. Then I clicked finished now. A big picture of Alejandro popped up on my screen & said collect Alejandro now. Then the game hiccuped & shows I didn't get Alejandro. I checked & at that time it showed the gems were deducted. I force closed the game & no Alejandro. I then uninstalled & reinstalled & no Alejandro but now it looks like the gems weren't deducted. What's up with that?!?

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    Sorry to hear that! Please write into One of our agents will be able to assist you.

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    Sorry didn't around to posting until now it's been a rough day. I did email support, but maybe it was just a server glitch or something. About 20-25 minutes later the game hiccuped again (by which I mean acted kind of like at game day change) the wedding cake topper showed up above an empty table. The goals showed I had completed the first part of the cruise event & my gem count was correct so I'm happy. Today I have been able to actually see Alejandro.

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