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    I'dont know if you have this yet:

    Space (Planet) was STRONG against dark. ( Also against dark - strong: treasure; fire; Magic; Rune; Fairy) - those I know for sure.

    Birthstone was neutral against treasure.
    Zodiac was WEAK against treasure.
    Ice Cream was STRONG against Earth.

    Christmas was WEAK against Dark and fire. ( used Christmas/lightning) - where lightning was never pressed ( and was neutral element).

    Tree is WEAK against water.

    Updated. Rynetory2
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    It's not updated anymore this thread. All the info most be updated to page 1. Otherwise we all need to scroll and look between 19 pages to maby find our answer.
    I'm only playing FFS.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool.

    Crystal Unicorn @03-2017
    2nd; Sapphire Sphinx @05-17
    3th; Garnet Griffin @08-17
    4th; Pearl Peryton @10-17
    5th; Emerald Dragon @05-18
    6th; Spinel Ravenstag @06-18
    7th; Ruby Razorback @09-18
    8th; Jasper Dragon @03-19
    9th; Obsidian Cyclops @03-19
    10th; Sapphire Cthulhu @06-19
    11th; Valkyrie @08-19
    12th; Topaz Tiger @10-19
    13th; Granite Golem @12-19
    14th; Onyx Direwolf @ 01-20

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    The charts listed in this thread are not updated by member anymore. Please see new Battle Chart in Main Guide for latest updates.

    I'm closing this thread to avoid further confusion and since the charts are outdated. Please continue your discussion and posting your results in this new thread. Thanks.

    Thread: Battlegrounds and Tournaments - discussion and test results

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