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Thread: Battlegrounds & Tournaments: Strategy Guide & Discussion

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    Battlegrounds & Tournaments: Strategy Guide & Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    The charts listed in this thread are not updated by member anymore. Please see new Battle Chart in Main Guide for latest updates.

    I'm closing this thread to avoid further confusion and since the charts are outdated. Please continue your discussion and posting your results in this new thread. Thanks.

    Thread: Battlegrounds and Tournaments - discussion and test results

    Battlegrounds & Tournaments Strategy Guide

    This thread is dedicated to figuring out which attacks are best (and worst) against the opponents that are found in both the Battleground and the Tournaments. I am making all of this information available here so ANYONE can make their own chart (if they want to) when a new Battlegrounds or Tournament shows up.

    My goal is to keep these first posts as up-to-date as possible with the help of everyone by discussing any conflicting information or changes in this thread.
    I know there are other threads about this topic, but I would like to keep this one separate with the first few posts as updated as possible (some of those older threads haven't had the first post updated in months & it's hard to dig through the posts to find current information). I would also like to request that this thread be kept in the 'Discussions' section of the Fantasy Forest Story forums since it really is all about on-going discussions of our results and compiling information.

    These charts are always a work-in-progress! The information in the chart is currently based on re-testing all strengths/weaknesses. There have been changes to some elements' attacks and I'm currently compiling as much up-to-date information as possible. If you get a result that is different please post about it so we can discuss it.

    ***Please don't post about CRITICAL hits since those don't indicate the attack's strength.***
    The first few posts in the Making Sense of the Battlegrounds thread is useful for explaining attack strengths & the theories behind finding the best fighters to use.

    There is a LOT of information so I am breaking this up into multiple sections across the next few posts.
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