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Thread: Castle Story: 07/16/15 Update - Monster Hunt Season 1

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    Castle Story: 07/16/15 Update - Monster Hunt Season 1

    Hurry, fellow kings and queens! Unless we fight, the monsters will terrorize the citizens! No matter how many pop up, slay them all! TO ARMS!!!

    [==Update requires Level 22+, and is live from 07/16 1:00 PM DST to 07/27 12:00 PM DST.==]

    Here's more information on this event!

    This is just the first season of the Monster Raid. We will have more coming in up in the game in the future. The Token drops will stop after each event ends with the associated timer until the next season starts up again. If you don't get the Cooking Camp during this event, you can continue where you left off when the next event starts. Try to progress as much as you can towards the Cooking Camp during each event! There may be Goals in the future that reward Tokens as well! Good luck, there's many more Monsters to defeat in your Kingdom! -PikaSquirrel

    by SpiritWind.
    Current issues I've requested further info on:

    1. if beasts will continue to drop tokens after the event expires
    Tokens will not drop after the event ends on 7/27.

    2. if the trade wagon will be available to continue trades for the cooking camp
    Trade Wagon and crafts in that building will be available to continue trading for the Cooking Camp. As Tokens will stop dropping until Season 2 of the Monster Raid, if you want to get more Tokens to work on getting the Cooking Camp before then, you can get them with Gems.

    3. exactly what is timed? getting 4 statues or getting the Cooking Camp or something else
    The Goals associated with the event and the Token drops are timed.

    4. if we are only allowed the one blue dire boar and one purple glimmer golem each day in order to complete the daily trade or is it possible to get more than one of those beasts each day?
    You will only see 1 Blue Dire Boar from the Pond when you are on the Goal "Daily Hunt: Adept Challenge". Same with the Purple Glimmer Golem for "Daily Hunt: Sovereign Challenge".

    5. whether android players will get the daily hunt
    Unfortunately, these Daily Goals feature are only available on iOS.
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    Monster Hunt Event!
    prepared by SpiritWind.

    Level 22+
    You need version 1.3.3 (iOS) [Android latest version at the moment is April 2015]

    Tips and Tricks:
    * DON'T tap the troll pit!!!! Regular trolls don't drop tokens. Neither do pink skunkupines, pink alicorn or wedding alicorn.
    * Monsters also drop their normal items in addition to the tokens
    * Do the Novice Hunter Trade if you are nearly maxed on Shield tokens so that they don't go to waste

    Link to Information Nugget on Beasts extract:
    Skunkupine - Flowers, Corn, Wheat, Sugar, Tomato, Fellora Plant, Pepe, some Trees, Plants, Skunkupine Trap (5 gems)
    Fangbeast - Animals, Hot Pepper, Carrot, Trees, some Buildings, Fangbeast Trap (5 gems)
    Dire Boar - Cabbage, Cocoa, Strawberry, Glimmer Bulbs, Buildings, Goddess Tree, Multi Flowered Hedge, Mushrooms, Pond, Well, Dire Boar Trap (5 gems), Rock Outcropping

    The Daily Hunt - each day you will have the chance to battle a monster to get Tokens. There are 3 types of Daily Hunts:
    1. Novice Challenge - defeat 5 skunkupines or fangbeasts [10 energy crate]
    2. Adept Challenge - collect from a pond to trigger a blue dire boar (30 hits) [10 energy crate]
    3. Sovereign Challenge - collect from a glimmerdust trove to trigger a purple golem (90 hits) [25 energy crate]
    Reward for each hunt is an energy crate - it goes to your inventory so you can chop it anytime you want!
    Note: you get multi hits on each sword hit, so a 30 hit monster might only take 20 energy.

    The Tokens! you can have a max of 120 of each of these in inventory
    Shield Token - awarded upon attacking skunkupines, fangbeasts, dire boars and glimmer golems
    Sword Tokens - awarded upon slaying fangbeasts, dire boars and glimmer golems
    Staff Tokens - awarded upon attacking dire boars, blue dire boars and glimmer golems
    Gold Tokens - ONLY come from crafting the Sovereign Hunter Trade

    99 Troll Tokens: Receive One Troll Token upon completion of Sovereign Hunter Trade
    Quote Originally Posted by Castloninian View Post
    You need to do that trade 99 times. So that means 7425 shield tokens, 4950 sword tokens and 2475 staff tokens.
    The Cooking Camp - what can you cook?
    Costs $3000 to place
    Flour, sugar, simple feast, breaded fish, noodles, pasta, stew, hearty feast, Ivy's hot sauce, spicy feast, cake, fish sandwiches, sundae, sweet feast, Mercury feast, chocolate, ice cream, butterfish, catfish soup.

    REPORTED DROPS from the Trade Wagon

    1. Lucky Token Trade 3 seconds: 10 Shield Tokens, 10 Sword Tokens, 10 Staff Tokens
    Note: this trade is very hit and miss... Note you may not get back what you started with, so be prepared for this. Some reports of luck, more reports of not so much luck!
    Reward - a chance to double your tokens
    Reported Drops:
    * I got back 10/10/18 - not sure which one was 8 extra though! SW
    * 20 staff tokens, 7 sword, and 9 shield tokens.

    2. Novice Hunter Trade 3 seconds: 25 Shield Tokens
    Reward - Get a better assortment of prizes!
    Reported Drops:
    * 2 gems, glimmer shards, silver, creeptooth, Novice hunter trade drops:
    * 8 energy, 4 energy, catfish, butterfish, living wood, wood, simple glue, bacon, wooden beam, jewels, glimmerdust, roast chicken
    * Got from novice trade(multiple times): 1-2 gems, some shield/sword tokens, glimmer dusts, boar dusks, fish, roast chickens, woods, glimmer dusts, living woods, irons, catfishes, silver platters(not sure), and some others I cant remember
    * 1 gem, 6 energy, 1 iron ore, 1 bacon, 1 water, 1 living wood, $15 coins (not sure what black bar'd), 2 sword tokens, 3 shield tokens
    * 1 gem, 4 energy, 1 glimmerdust, 1 bacon, 1 glimmer shard, 1 glimmer fragment, 1 living wood, 2 sword tokens, 3 shield tokens, 1 stone (LOL!)
    * 3 gems (!), 8 energy (!), 1 coal, 1 glimmer shard, 1 fish, 1 butterfish, 1 water, 2 sword tokens, 4 shield tokens

    3. Adept Hunter Trade 3 seconds: 50 Shield Tokens, 25 Sword Tokens
    Reward - Get a better assortment of prizes!
    Reported Drops:
    * troll essence, flour, lemon, silver platter, energy, gems and 2 staff token from one such trade
    * 1 to 3 gems, silver platter, armor, flour, enchanted essence, troll essence and similar stuff
    * Oranges, lemons, fancy beam, 4 gems, some energy, sword tokens, 2 staff tokens.
    * Truffles, lumin essence, lemon, gems, energy, sword tokens, 2 staff tokens.

    4. Sovereign Hunter Trade 3 seconds: 75 Shield Tokens, 50 Sword Tokens, 25 Staff Tokens

    Reward - 1 Gold Token
    Reported Drops:
    * gold coin, + royal beam, vital extract, mythic essence, tokens, 2 gems
    * gems, builder's paste, some energy and a TRADE TICKET
    * 2 gems, lantern, faerie murmur, floral glow, energy (SW)
    * 1 Gem, 4 Energy, 1 Golden Nugget, 1 Fey Crystal, 1 Faeries Murmur, 3 Sword Tokens, 4 Shield Tokens, 1 Troll Token
    * 1 Gem, 6 Energy,1 Dragon Scale, 1 Royal Block, 1 Mythic Essence, 2 Sword Tokens, 3 Shield Tokens, 1 Troll Token
    * 2 gems, lantern, fey crystal, bottle of vital extract, builder's paste and energy!
    * 3 gems, 4 energy, 1 boar tusk, 1 wisp lantern, 1 fey crystal, 2 sword tokens, 4 shield tokens, 1 troll token
    * Gems, energy, 1 troll token
    * 1 Builder's paste, gems, energy, 1 troll token.
    * other drops: adamant, manticore whiskers, wool

    1. The Trade Wagon
    Place the Trade Wagon
    Rewards: 10 gems, 2 xp

    2. To Arms!
    craft Beastbane - 1 longsword, 5 creeptooth, 1 enchanter's essence (1 hour, magic forge)
    Clear an Oak tree
    Rewards: 1400 coin, 5xp, 1 box of tricks

    3. Sword Stretches
    Defeat any 2 monsters
    Reward: 1400 coin, 5xp, 1 pile of tokens

    4. Trader Trolls
    Complete any token trade (x1)
    Defeat any 5 monsters
    Reward: 1400 coin, 5xp, Skunkupine statue

    5. Be Prepared
    Defeat any 10 monsters
    Reward: 2400 coin, 7xp, Fangbeast statue

    6. Duel personality
    Defeat any 20 monsters
    Reward: 2400 coin, 7xp, Dire boar statue

    7. Honor Among Troll
    Defeat any 50 monsters
    Reward: 2400 coin, 5xp, Season 1 Slayer statue
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    Shield Token-
    Awarded once upon attacking Skunkupines, Fangbeasts, Dire Boars, and GLIMMER Golems

    Sword Token-
    Awarded upon slaying Fangbeasts, Dire Boars, and GLIMMER Golems

    Staff Token-
    Awarded upon slaying Dire Boars, BLUE Dire Boar, and PURPLE Glimmer Golem

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    Sorry to let you know, NW, but there's a purple golem...

    Defeating the golem also gave me a glimmershard & bits, and a 25 energy crate reward besides the coins ... woohoo

    Defeating the blue boar drops fur, tokens, & a 10 energy crate is reward for finishing him off.

    Quote Originally Posted by figththefire View Post
    How to het golden coins? Two trades got me none(
    Note the back of the gold coin

    Attachment 21733

    So doing the sovereign trade, which requires

    Attachment 21734

    Hopefully drops at least 10-20 gold coins per trade! That's a lot of trading otherwise!
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    Don't wanna SLAY Mr. Purple G!!!!!! Wahhhhhhh :super sad face: lol
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Had 1 oak tree with only 1 tap left )

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    I have to say it looks very interesting! Cooking camp??

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    Quote Originally Posted by burritosprings View Post
    Had 1 oak tree with only 1 tap left )
    As did I!! Lol

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    Ooh! A Beastbane!! Shoutout to NWK! Still love my one of a kind Thuakie Sword and Dagger a bit more for slaying those beasties! Took CS a while to catch up to your Thuakie Society, didn't it, North?
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    I WANT that cooking camp!!!

    Guess I won't be parking beasts any more, not when there are token to be earned!

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