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Thread: Restaurant Story 2: Cruise Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatbearsecondary View Post
    Day Mechanics
    I just wanted to let people know that each day costs the same amount (100 gems) if you want to skip ahead. Once you start skipping, you either have to wait until the following day opens on its own (as per the schedule you started with- i.e. you'll have to wait longer than usual after finishing the skipped day), or pay gems to skip ahead again for each remaining day of the cruise if you want to finish early. This is the first time I've tried it - I found out mid-cruise that I'm going to need to be away on what would have been the last 2 days of this event. I had a few gems saved up, so began skipping a few days ago and now can report that (thankfully!) the gem amount does not increase as you get further ahead, it is 100 gems per "day". Hope this information is helpful!

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    Hi flechesbleues, Appreciate your sharing of this information. Just to add in, Kooky has gotten more information from Storm8 on this. I've added to the Chapter of Tips and Notes for Cruises. Hope this helps. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina;
    The Gems needed to unlock the next day may increase, but could also stay the same at 100 Gems for the last few days. However, each player may encounter a different value, so it will vary from player to player.

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    @flechesbleues - Since you and other members have asked about the amount of gems required to unlock new cruise day, I have made a record of this and adding a new chapter to the Cruise Guide.

    Aside to others: These are recorded at high level restaurant. Please feel free to share if you have different values.

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    Unlocking Cruise Days

    The following are the gems required to unlock your cruise days.
    Day 2 - 20 gems
    Day 3 - 40 gems
    Day 4 - 60 gems
    Day 5 - 80 gems
    Day 6 - 100 gems
    Day 7 - 100 gems
    Day 8 - 100 gems
    Day 9 - 100 gems
    Day 10 - 100 gems

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    Coin Values of Stamp Recipes

    Thanks to Carbuck, gerrywerry, nephthys82, SunUpSunDown, tuffyjkitten and me for providing this information.

    Gold Stamp Recipes - 8 hours cooking time
    Billionare's Burger (Commercial Range) - 4 coins
    Festive Fruit Brioche (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Pain au Chocolate (Chateau Oven) - 4 coins
    Persimmon Glazed Ham (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Rosemary Russet Potatoes (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Rustic Whole Wheat Loaf (Commercial Oven) - 4 coins
    Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Chateau Stove) - 4 coins
    Spicy Moroccan Hammus (Commercial Range) - 4 coins

    Silver Stamp Recipes - 4 hours cooking time
    Blackened Jack Fish (Chateau Stove) - 4 coins
    Chiffon Sprinkle Cake (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Fantasy Float (Chateau Stove) - 4 coins
    Grilled Gold (Commercial Range) - 4 coins
    Lavender Rose Cider (Aging Barrel) - 4 coins

    Bronze Stamp Recipes - 2 hours cooking time
    Cherry Herb Sausage (Diner Oven) - 3 coins
    Currant Crusted Chicken (Commercial Oven) - 3 coins
    Dark Chocolate Mocha (Commercial Range) - 3 coins
    Lucky Pie (Commercial Range) - 3 coins
    Poached Duck Egg (Chateau Stove) - 3 coins
    Smoked Papaya Salad (Salad Bar) - 3 coins
    Toasted Sugar Latte (Drink Maker) - 3 coins
    Wild Tuna Roll (Salad Bar) - 3 coins

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    Changing Cruise Order

    Please take note that changing cruise order is now 35 mins. You can use gems to speed up your orders.

    34mins 59sec - 3 gems
    29mins 59sec - 2 gems
    09mins 59sec - 1 gem
    00mins 59sec - 0 gem

    Thanks to Carbuck for providing this information.
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