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Thread: Restaurant Story 2: Cruise Guide

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    Restaurant Story 2: Cruise Guide

    Since we have various threads about cruises, I thought I would consolidate them here for your easy reference.

    Special thanks to members who have contributed to make this very helpful guide for the community!

    ...Cruise Main Guide Restaurant Story 2 | Game Guides forum ...
    Cruise notes from Storm8
    Cruise Coin Mechanics
    Day Mechanics
    Strategy - prepping for the next day
    Strategy - stacking your counters
    Misc Cruise Stuff
    What to do when you can't stack
    Orders for cruise
    Changing Cruise Order
    Cruise's gems values per coin dishes
    Coin values of Stamp recipes
    Tips and Notes for Cruises
    Unlocking Cruise Days
    Cruise Characters

    List of Cruises
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    Cruise Notes from Storm8

    Quote Originally Posted by SparklyOctopus View Post

    Ahoy there! The S.S. Cruisy has docked at the Southern Port and its passengers are all craving some local eats. Help out the Cruise Director and provide your catering services to all his passengers. We're happy to introduce our first Catering Event, where you will have the opportunity to earn Cruise Coins for your efforts and unlock special rewards!

    The Ship will only be docked for the next 10 days. Each day, the Director will give you his menu and it is your task to fulfill the orders and keep his passengers happy. Each menu item or ingredient you provide to the passengers will earn you a certain number of Cruise Coins.

    Earn enough Cruise Coins and you will earn a special reward for each day. Running low on an ingredient? You can trash a menu item and replace it with something else. However, you will need to wait to hear back from the Director to find out the new menu item. Need a little help earning enough Cruise Coins to unlock your rewards? Hire a helper, who will give you Cruise Coins every 4 hours!

    Complete all 10 days and persuade Luana to stick around for a bit longer. She will come visit your Restaurant at least once a day and leave you with some very valuable tips! Have any questions or feedback? Share it here!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What level do I need to be to access the event?
    You will need to be at least level 15.

    Do I really need to cook a dish 500 times?
    The number for each menu item is the amount of servings you need to provide. The amount of servings varies for each recipe.

    I started the event after my friend. Will she get more days to complete the event than me?
    No, everyone will get 10 days to complete the event from the time they tap to start. If you did not start the event by Monday, it was automatically started for you.
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    Cruise Event Guide

    I'm going to try to get some of the collective wisdom out of the several (ha!) pages of threads on the previous cruise events, so that hopefully we have something a bit coherent and all in one place. Corrections are, as always, appreciated.

    Post 1: Cruise Coin Mechanics
    Post 2: Day Mechanics
    Post 3: Strategy - prepping for the next day
    Post 4: Strategy - stacking your counters
    Post 5: Misc Cruise Stuff
    Post 6: What to do when you can't stack

    NB: this is going to be a mostly higher level discussion, designed to share strategies to help folks complete the cruise events. If you don't really care about completing, if you just want to play casually but don't understand how the cruise works, the best explanation was back with the original cruise, here -

    And a huge thanks, btw, to the folks I'm quoting below. It's amazing, as I go through these threads, how far we've come in understanding how the events work (despite little guidance from S8) and y'all are an amazing bunch of strategists/explainers! A pleasure to be playing with you all

    EDIT: Added section 6, with LonePudding's great advice about what to do when you can't load food from your counters into the ship. Ugh!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memaw2003 View Post
    How do I ask a question about the game?

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    Cruise Coin Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by ellyse99 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kirrawynne View Post
    Does anyone actually know what the coin count per day is? The whole thing about the gems is confusing to me. For instance, today, I have 40 gems to pay to "finish it now" for today but the whole thing about the gems really makes no sense. Is that like I need 8-1 coin dishes to equal that? Two four coin dishes is more than what is needed. Is there a count to know so I'm not wasting coins?

    Does this make sense?
    The gem-to-coin amount changes from day to day and is also different for dishes of different coin value. So to answer your question, no, it's not possible to tell you how many coins each day is worth.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghjvcucjb View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by KadeeDid View Post
    I must be blind. How do you know how any gems each is worth? How do I know what deliveries todo?
    I just discovered it too. When you click on the event area, next to the progress bar it says how many gems you need to finish. When you turn in food and fill up the progress bar, the gem amount goes down. For example, a one ship dish, when added, reduces the total gem amount by 5 gems. Therefore a 1 ship dish is worth 5 gems. If you need 10 gems to finish the day, you will need to make 2 1 ship dishes. You don't want to make a 4 ship dish which is worth between 35-40 gems because that would be a waste. Does that make sense?
    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post

    In the image above, the antipasto platter delivery is worth 3 coins which will take the gems down by 35.
    The Greek salad is worth 2 coins when delivered so will take the gems down by 15.
    So once I have completed both those deliveries, all I will need to complete day six are two deliveries worth 1 coin (5 gems) each. I can then, before making the last delivery to the ship for the day try to set up the other two orders (by refreshing them) so that I have two 4 coin deliveries waiting overnight. I can then try to work on having them ready and waiting to deliver when day 7 unlocks for me tomorrow. This saves me time and effort in the long run.
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by poise86 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Day 2: 150 gems required

    4 coins = 60 gems
    3 coins = 35 gems
    2 coins = 15 gems
    1 coin = 5 gems

    Day 1: 75 gems required

    4 coins = ??49?? gems
    3 coins = 26/27 gems
    2 coins = 11 gems
    1 coin = 3 gems
    sorry,,what the mean this ? i'm new player. thx
    For catering events, each day is different. Since we can choose when to start (or delay starting) the event, it is good to describe each day in order. Since the catering/cruise event started yesterday, we are on day 2.

    Then, I indicated the "gem total" for the day, which is the number you see in the middle of the screen & which you *could* just spend gems to skip having to cook anything for that day.

    Next, each dish is credited with either 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins and the credit each of those gives against the "gem total" for the day, varies. So if the gem total is 150 and a four-coin dish gives 50 gems, you would only need to complete 3 four-coin dishes to complete that day. If each one-coin dish gives 5 gems, then to complete 150, you would need to cook 30 one-coin dishes. So, I was just posting what each different coin-value equals in "gem credits" for each day. For the ones I didn't know, I put a question mark.

    This is just helpful for people to decide which dishes to make, which to refresh, & which to save for the next day. For instance if you only needed 15 gems to complete day 2, you would do best to deliver a 2-coin dish, rather than submitting a 3 or 4-coin dish and wasting the extra 'credit' they give. Instead, they can be saved for the following day putting you further ahead.

    Make sense?
    What recipes are worth 1/2/3/4 coins? This thread lists the number of coins for various dishes/ingredients at lvl 49:

    Quote Originally Posted by nephthys82 View Post
    Just an observation...

    I've been playing two accounts whilst my other half is at work and have noticed that some recipes are worth different numbers of cruise coins.

    For example, baked salmon is worth 4 cruise coins for him (level 30) and 3 for me (level 41).

    I assume this is to try to make things fairer for lower level players. Anyone else noticed any other adjustments?

    I was going to try to make a list of all the orders at different coin values to help us plan what to stock up on for the last couple of days, but that could be difficult if order values are tailored to individual's level. I might try anyway, and mark any which seem to vary.
    Quote Originally Posted by fahrensland View Post
    I do 1 coin orders even though they yield so little return only because I can usually do them faster than the 30 min wait to refresh.

    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by LonePudding View Post
    I was doing well up until yesterday, started of with 3 & 4 coin orders from the day before, everything else that was requested were for 1 or 2 coins. I keep refreshing in hopes of a 3 or 4 coin order but nothing. I have 19 hours to complete 2 days worth
    I realize the value of 3/4 coin dishes over 1/2, but don't underestimate the cumulative value of lots of easy/fast to make orders, not to mention an instant new order upon completion, so you don't have to wait 30 minutes to see if you get a better order. I think the last 150 gems of the last day were almost all 2-coin dishes for me. Quiche, onion soup, strawberry shortcake, tuna sandwich, greek salad, steak and eggs, chicken soup. Granted the 2-coiners usually take an hour to cook, as opposed to 30 minutes to refresh, but you will progress doing them, unlike refreshing. Best of luck for finishing!
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kgp70282 View Post
    Are there certain recipes that this event uses??
    Cruise events seem to use all recipes, but which specifically depends in your level. It won't ask for recipes you cannot unlock, but it may ask for recioes you haven't unlocked. Between days I try to stock up on long cook-time recipes. Anything with longer than 4 hour cook time.
    The exception to Infinite's rule:
    Quote Originally Posted by calilive213 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by fatbearsecondary View Post
    Has the cruise requested any of the new dishes for anyone?

    I've noticed in the past that the cruise doesn't request recipes earned from events (like potato pesto pie or deviled eggs). Are the new recipes the same way? Kind of lame to ask for us to master these 2 recipes on top of the cruise event, when they won't be requested and will just take up precious counter space that could be used for requested recipes. My cruise hasn't asked for them yet, has anyone's?
    Mine hasn't. I notice it never asks for recipes from the pizza oven or valentines oven either.
    Specifically, the cruise so far has never asked for any temporary recipes (even though they run along *with* the cruise), dishes earned from seasonal events (deviled eggs, potato pesto pie, confetti cake), or any dishes from specialty ovens (valentine's day oven, pizza oven, BBQ grill). It also will not ask for Cheese Fondue if you haven't unlocked it using Facebook but will ask for it if it is unlocked.
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    Day Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    This event won't automatically start until Friday, so before that time people will have 6 full days to complete the event, and as with the last event will have to wait for each day to unlock if they finish the day before midnight (pacific time).

    *After* Friday, each day will unlock automatically & 6 days from then the event will end regardless of their progress or lack thereof.
    Well before that point, most of us posting here will have finished (or failed to finish) as whether we continue participating the event will end 6 days after we start it.

    ***** For future events that work the same way, one can maximize the time to complete by not starting the event until just after midnight (pacific time) as this will give a full 24 hours for each day. As the event is officially released around midday (Pacific time) if you start right away, the next day still unlocks at midnight. In essence, whatever time of day you start the event, the second day begins at midnight (Pacific time) so starting 30 minutes before then will possibly cost you a day, where starting the event just after a new day begins (midnight, Pacific time) will give you more time to finish. ******
    Quote Originally Posted by fatbearsecondary View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by serenitygrandma View Post
    Last time I knew there are 24 hours in a day. So if you started the event at 10am the first day, shouldn't the event end 6 days later at 10am? Mine ended in the middle of the night this time. "Me thinks something is rotten in Denmark". Did anyone else notice this?
    The "days" all end on TL time, which is the same as pacific time here in the US. No matter when you start your first day, all days end at their midnight. If you finish a day's task early, you'll see a timer counting down to the next day, which will begin at midnight Pacific.
    Quote Originally Posted by cocoquillette View Post
    The next day always starts at 0:00 san francisco time, that's 9am for me in Paris for eg.
    Don't waste your gems on starting day 3 early, because once you're done, you'll have to wait even longer to start day 4... If you want to spend gems, use them for the last days...
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Xialio View Post
    The event starts at the same time for everyone, if u have missed the last few days ur going to have to cook fast to catch up lol
    Actually, it doesn't. It appeared (I think) on Friday afternoon, a week ago. I have three different accounts and staggered them so I started each 2 days apart.

    That said, it does auto-start at some point, not sure when that happened, possibly Wednesday???
    So, anyone finding it now should only be a few days behind, and they can tell by looking at the icon in the corner of the screen (or the top of the catering page) for how many days you have left. Keep in mind the days begin/end at midnight Pacific time (L.A./Vancouver)
    As you get down to the last two days, it will count down in hours.
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    Strategy - prepping for the next day

    The plan: if you're going to finish a day early, use the remaining time to set up for tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by chewingmilk View Post
    Before sending the last dishes to the ship you should have refresh the other slots..untill you have all 4 coin dishes.. That way you get a head start of alot of gems for the next day.. I finished day 2 within 20 min. but had the whole day to refresh.. just a tip
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    My advice is since everything greys out when you "deliver" your last item to complete the gem total for the day, DO NOT deliver that last item, until you have loaded anything you have cooking for the other two spots. I generally get all three ready to "deliver" so that when the next day starts I have at least two slots ready to go. This is especially crucial for lower level players with small pantries, and not all items unlocked or recipes learned. Good luck!
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Note that each day costs a different number of gems to "finish now" (in middle of screen).
    Typically a 1-coin dish only counts as 5 gems & a 4-coin dish counts as 60 gems towards that daily cost to "finish now".

    It is also worth noting that BEFORE delivering your last dish for 'today' it is helpful to also fill the other two orders being asked for and/or refresh those items until they are ones you can do and count as either 3 or 4 coins to give you a head start on 'tomorrow'.
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mermaidzen View Post

    So are the coins worth different each day. That's silly and makes it harder to think about. Mine has only just started so only on day 1 
    Also how do you know how many coins/gems needed each day. Is it by the number of gems to jump to end. I ended up using gems to start day 2 didn't think I would get it done as quickly and now only need 5 gems to finish so guess that's just a one coin dish so want add the 1 onion left to complete that order and will use it for day 3 and give myself a jump ahead is that right.
    It does make it harder, but that's why we post the info here, so people can access it. 3 and 4-coin dishes always have a bigger effect, so when I'm waiting for the next day to start, I usually work on those types of recipes with longer cook times. That way I have the food on hand AND I free up my appliances for when I'm working on catering dishes.

    Using gems to start the next day early is probably best reserved for the last day (or two). Usually the last day requires the most gems (to skip/finish) AND it usually gives the most gems per dish cooked. So it balances out a little. A day that requires 450 gems to skip doesn't require 3 times the work of one that requires 150 gems. Instead it probably works out to about twice as hard, but this also depends what dishes it asks for, and what level you're at, how many dishes you haven't learned, etc.

    And you seem to have the hang of it! Like you said, do a one-coin dish to get the last 5 gems you need for today and save your four-coin onions for tomorrow. If you are refreshing and a one-coin dish doesn't come up, you can also do an easy 2-coiner or just use gems to skip those last 5. Before completing 'today' I always try to have both of the other two slots ready to go for tomorrow. Since the page 'greys out' and you can't refresh or add food in between days, it is best to get 'all your ducks in a row' before finishing the day. This is less essential early on, but have a four-coin dish ready to go for day 10 *could* be the difference between successfully completing the event & missing out!! Especially for lower-level players or those with low coinage for learning new recipes and unlocking new items.
    Quote Originally Posted by esmerelda35 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jennerwein1 View Post
    Do coins carry over to the next day. Say you need 40 gems, but only have 4 coin meals ready. ( this is theoretical) so I would have a surplus of 24 gems or so. Will that transfer or is it lost?
    It would be lost if you used it....but if you don't "deliver" it, you can hold onto it, and then use it when the next day activates....but you still need to finish off the current day somehow with its 40 gems...
    So an ideal preparation for the next day will look like:

    And Deuce's brilliant strategy, especially useful if you have one day you know you'll be busy during or in preperation for the last few, usually more difficult days:

    Quote Originally Posted by deucedeuce22 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post
    I've got two four coin items primed for tomorrow. I assume for the third spot we just have to leave what is given in the third spot until the next day?
    you'll pretty much always have that one order you can't really control. Once you complete that last order that's it for the day. No more refreshing is allowed.
    Not really true, but it takes some effort and a few gems. Get your finish now with gems to as low as possible, then refresh that last order to get what you want, then finish the day with gems. Tomorrow I have 3 4 coin dishes ready to go because I finished my day with 5 gems instead of turning in another order and leaving it to the game to decide my last slot.
    Quote Originally Posted by nmishii View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post
    In other words:
    In the image above I need 60 gems to finish for the day.
    If I make the two deliveries (3 coin antipasto & 2 coin Greek salad) then I will need to make deliveries worth 10 gems to finish for the day.

    What deuce is suggesting is that you refresh until you get a 1 coin order. 1 coin orders are worth 5 gems.

    Once that is completed, you will then have a remaining 5 gems needed to finish for the day. He suggests that, instead of making another 1 coin delivery, you refresh all three order slots until you get them with 4 coin orders for food in each slot. Then you hit the "purple finish now for 5 gems" and finish for the day.
    You would then work on filling all three of those 4 coin orders and have them ready for delivery to the ship the next day.
    It costs you 5 gems but some players think it is worth it to have three completed 4 coin slots waiting just to be delivered the next day.
    You can also fill your coin deliveries before you pay the 5 gems (send the last delivery if you don't care what random delivery you'll get to start the next day), then you will have the deliveries collected and not taking up pantry, appliance, and/or counter space while you wait for the next day.

    I try to start the day with two 3-4 coin deliveries ready to go and one random one. I can still get done with plenty of time. However, I'm going to have a busy weekend and may try the 5 gem approach for the 10th day. I got a 9th hammer yesterday and will wait for the last day to upgrade my seafood shop, so I'll have the extra refresh on the ingredients.
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    Strategy - stacking your counters

    The plan: keep the customers out and your counters full so you'll have lots of food to give the cruise, quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by deucedeuce22 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by chewingmilk View Post
    I have cooked a surf and turf twice for delivery. So there ate some left overs. At the same time I finished another delivery and a surf and turf came in place of this greek salad I think it was. I saw that the left over surf and turf I could add to my new delivery. So I think I only need to cook ot once more I think....It was a compelete eye opener for me.

    So anyone tell me this.. If I turn around all the chairs and block the door.. Does this mean I can cook all random stuff and just stack them and keep them untill I can ship it off to delivery..?!
    Yes you can stack food this way. I put chairs in storage instead of turning them around and blocking the door. I also have most of my appliances with food that isn't already on a counter.
    Quote Originally Posted by catfoodie View Post
    To stockpile I was just turning all chair other side so customers can't sit and,therefore, don't eat food you cook. So I had all my counters full of food that I thought the cruise might require. But to stockpile you need to have some money to be able to buy food and only spend money for a few days. I didn't stockpile anything last time and I found it much harder to finish the event than this time when I actually had some food ready.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jennerwein1 View Post
    I did not notice the water issue, since all my chairs are turned. I only turn one back quickly if I see Luana or or Cid or Cindy. Has already helped once.
    Quote Originally Posted by orleansparish View Post
    Last event I blocked my door. This time I blocked it with a chair and nothing has sold out yet. But I'll do what you mentioned, instead of opening the door once In a while to get CID to appear. I need one more hammer and shovel to get my veggie shop to level 5. I never thought the day would come where I'd have over 1 million coins. But all I do is cook and log off. Not much for me to buy with my limited space and OCD layout.
    Quote Originally Posted by BiggerBubbles View Post
    If you just block your door so it can't open they seem to get in 'invisibly', pesky little people. I just do what someone mentioned last event, you place decorations & your 'greeter' guy in such a way so they can get to him, but not past him. They will then turn away with their 'no table' face. Your food will stay on the counters. Works like a charm for me. Wish I had known that ages ago.
    Quote Originally Posted by esmerelda35 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dalielahdawn View Post
    If all my counters are fulland I have two like-dishes on appliances ready that the boat wants... Say the boat wants 150 servings of them, and I have 200. When I add them to the boat, where does the other 50 extra servings go, if my counters are full and they can't be added there. Do we not get a chance to get paid for the remaining dishes?
    Lmao, probably a very confusing question... Haven't had my coffee yet.
    Yes, has happened to me a few times with all my counters full - the extra servings just disappear - no coins. The price to be paid for stock-piling up for the event! Now before I go to add a dish to the cruise that will complete the delivery with some leftover, I look at everything on my counters and see if there are any that are close to being finished that I can either delete or use a quick serve on, so that I have an available counter.
    Quote Originally Posted by ellyse99 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cnlsmommy View Post
    I accidentally cooked something on my stove and my counters are full. Is there anything I can do? Ugh!
    You mean, for the cruise? If your counters are full, then the extra portions just don't go onto a counter, they're trashed right away when you serve. You just lose the money that those extra portions would have made if they went on a counter. I do this pretty often, I have >7 million coins (used to be >9 million) so I don't really care if I lose some revenue.

    If you mean just for normal cooking, then you can choose to leave the cooked dish on the stove till the food on one of your counters finishes selling and you have an empty counter to serve the new cooked dish onto. If you're in a hurry, then trash whichever dish on your counters that has the least total revenue, so you lose the least amount of money by trashing it. Either that, or you can use quick serves or gems to quick sell a dish that's already on a counter, but I always feel that this is one of the lousiest ways to use quick serves and gems, so I never do it.
    What to stack on your counters:

    Again, the thread about which how many coins each dish is worth:

    Quote Originally Posted by ellyse99 View Post
    Just had a look at yours. What's the counter with the least revenue, and how many coins would it be if you trash that? I see that you have stuff like steak and eggs, French dip and chicken Alfredo, which are pretty low coinage dishes. Even if the cruise asks for them, you could quickly make them again...with the exception of French dip.
    Quote Originally Posted by fatbearsecondary View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lnztrekfan View Post
    I did notice that I did not really get to give too many of the dishes I had on counters to the ship, it simply didn't ask for them after I had them made. Idk if the game actually "knows" what I do and do t have and then asks for what I don't have!(shrugs).
    Attachment 20936
    One thing I notice is that you've got several counters filled with foods that the ship never requests. If you want to try the "full counter" method, you'll want to fill with things that the ship does actually request. I hate when a cruise starts and I have counters filled with pizza and valentine foods, but I quick serve them or just pitch them.

    So, yah, as of now, ship never asks for pizza oven, Valentine's oven, or any of the temporary dishes. Get them off your counters as soon as you can at the start of a cruise!
    And the requisite:
    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    Please note that blocking your door or turning your counters so customers cannot come in and eat is not part of the design of the game.
    Some players have experiences issues, like losing all their food at once some get coins some do not.
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    I recommend using 1 table & chair in my monstaer post from yesterday. I think the 'glitch' comes into play when there is NO food selling to customers, as the game wasn't intended to be played that way. I find it easiest to store all my chairs, but one, and then I can put them back out as I see fit - like when Cid is trying to visit!! Food will sell, but very slowly. Gives me a chance to stock up.
    Quote Originally Posted by txangel1109 View Post
    I tried that too. But I got real upset when my creme brulet was 1649/1650. I had to cook another whole batch for just 1 serving. Now I just turn all my chairs around and block the door. If I have time I move the blockage and feed cid and the gang. Lol.
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    Misc Cruise Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TiegansSpot View Post
    If I refresh an order will I lose all the servings or will they go to an open counter?
    I believe they are lost.
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by txangel1109 View Post
    Is the creme brulet for day 5 or 6?
    I'm pretty sure the food requested is totally random. That said, I got the request for creme brulee on day 6.
    The "hungry counter" is a known bug, so be careful of your precious 4 coin recipes!

    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by txangel1109 View Post
    Does anyone out there have just one hungry phantom counter? No matter what goes on there after a refresh it disappears? I've been taking pictures of full counters to see what was happening to food. It's just one counter!!
    Yeah... there's a bug thread about that. I put my hungry-hungry counter in storage, took it back out after awhile, stopped blocking my door & it has been fine since. Quite a pain during the event, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by catfoodie View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    I have a question. If you bought the 'extra slot' (showing 4 recipes for the cruise at a time, instead of three) in a previous cruise event, does the extra slot stick around for future events? If you bought it before, do you still have it now?

    (((Personally, I would only consider the investment if the benefit would stick around)))
    I don't think so. I bought an extra slot for the very first cartering event, but I don't have this extra slot right now. And I agree, 200 gems is pretty expensive for just one event, but oh well
    Quote Originally Posted by 007war View Post
    Can we choose not to participate in this event? Will it affect the game in anyway? I have not updated yet and after the Luana fiasco I don't want to.
    You can totally choose not to participate in these events. However, be warned that the cruise will start automatically after a certain day. Once it starts automatically, it will begin requesting your food and dishes it requests will go automatically to the cruise rather than to your counters. To stop this from happening, hit refresh if you notice the cruise requesting something you want to serve; once you manage to refresh so it's requesting all ingredients or all dishes you don't serve, you'll be free from it entirely.
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    Some really great advice for when stacking counters doesn't work/is disabled:

    Quote Originally Posted by LonePudding View Post
    I've never completed an event without stacking food, but there's a few things I've had to do this time round which seem to be working so far.

    • Ditch basic ingredients - I've cleared my pantry of all chicken, tuna, seaweed, cream, sugar, and even garlic, basil, ginger and vanilla. I can use this pantry space to stock up on much needed ingredients with long refresh times like mushrooms, peas, salmon and the likes. I only buy back those basics when they are needed.
    • Constant refreshing - If I think a dish isn't worth the coins, I refresh straight away! Some recipes use up ingredients that you want to stock up on like peppers, mushrooms, salmon, lobster to name a few. I just got a 2 coin order for stuffed peppers, which would use up 6 peppers. For just 2 coins (18 gems)?! Refresh.
    • Use the street market as much as possible - Inbetween visiting neighbours or waiting for a new ship order, I will check the street market every 10 minutes, again looking for those ingredients with long refresh times. Although the costs can be high sometimes, shelling out 500 coins for some lobster can help you get that tomato bisque worth 4 coins cooking a good 10 hours earlier.
    • Only cook what the ship requests - You don't want waste your ingredients in dishes that have no purpose. During the event, your main focus (if it was) is no longer to make money or keep counters full. If you want your counters full, by all means, turn your chairs/block the doors or however you want to do it. During these events though, even more so now we can't use counters to our advantage, I only cook what I'm asked to.
    • Save 4 coin dishes! - Once I get at least past the halfway mark, I keep my eyes peeled for those 4 coin orders. You can begin working on them, cooking the dish or collecting the requested item, but we won't be sending them off to the ship just yet! Try to finish the rest of the day using the other 2-3 slots (depending on if you've bought the extra slot). If another 4 coin order appears, do the same! Then you'll have only 1 or 2 slots left to finish the day with. Doing this will guarantee you at least one 4 coin order ready to send off to the ship the next day. Who doesn't like a head start? Remember, only try this if your day has a few gems left to finish (I start this around the 100-75 gem mark) as you'll have less slots to work with.

    I really hope these little tips can help anyone struggling. I'd hate to see someone not get through this because of a mistake on S8's part. Of course everyone's strategies are different, this is just how I've got through the last 5 days. Best of luck
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