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Thread: French silk pie?

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    French silk pie?

    Which oven will bake the French silk pies?

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    banner oven but you have to spend 10 gems to get a pie display (or skip for 5 gems) to get to the third recipe on the rocket oven (banana pie) then complete the banana pie goal which will then give you one banner oven as a goal prize. Then to unlock the other 2 recipes on that oven you have to spend 8 gems on tables and 24 gems on two 1x1 popcorn buckets.

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    If you are willing to go that far, you can skip the popcorn buckets for 10 gems instead of spending 24 gems on them. They are very small.

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    Silk pie.

    Challenge is asking me to make 20 Silk pies. Pies are not "in" oven?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueeyecolleen View Post
    Challenge is asking me to make 20 Silk pies. Pies are not "in" oven?????
    They're on the banner oven. Just scroll through your appliances until you see the banner oven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dessertisbest View Post
    Which oven will bake the French silk pies?
    The Banner oven makes French silk pie. It was not available before (maybe I didn't look hard enough). It should be located next to the rocket oven in appliances. Just found it today after a week of searching.

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    Thanks for your answer looks like I will skip this one

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