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Thread: HELP!! Accidently click purchase coins with my gems

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    HELP!! Accidently click purchase coins with my gems

    I need help..I accidentally press purchase in game coins with my gems and used 10 gems just like that. I am saving up my gems for something else. Could you please undo it? Storm id crazdin
    Please and thank you

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    I did the same exact thing... I was putting down new tiles but by accident clicked wrong button... please refund me my 10 gems

    id: lindsayy19

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    It's not an accident

    I am sorry to tell you both, that you will not get any refund from TL. That's because it isn't an accident. These are called "gem traps". There are no confirmations, because they count on your slip of the fingers. You will be told that "while TL would like to give their customers the benefit of the doubt, there are those who would take advantage of the situation". Be careful how and where you tap.

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    Try this


    May not result in much but at least it will be directed to those with the authority to do anything about it.

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