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Thread: Goal steps repeating

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    Goal steps repeating

    I have completed the final batch of lemon cookies three times now, getting the popup to move on to lemon blueberry. I start the lemon blueberry, close the game, and return to find lemon cookies on my ovens!! I've restarted the game, restarted my device, and have still had to repeat this step three times! Very annoying to be wasting time and coins this way!!

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    Hi lynniefish. It sound like you were experiencing a Sync Error. When this happens, you may notice your progress may appear to be lost. This usually happens because your game has reverted a couple minutes back to a previous save of your progress. When you close the game, did you force closed the app or left the game running in the background? We recommend players to force close the app when they are done playing. This way, when you reload the game the latest progress on the game will appear.

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