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Thread: NightClub Story: ADD ME

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    ID: flgurl2684

    Hello Everyone. Monica here. I am a lvl 99 player. Daily player. Gift daily, respond to requests daily, and I tip/like when I can.

    I have been a player for a few years, had to stop for a few months due to personal life issues. Divorce is no fun!

    Thanks everyone. I play Bakery, Dragon, Fashion and Nightclub also!! Add me there!! Thank you!

    Sorry to anyone who tried to add Flgurl1984....I was going to start over because I thought I couldn't remember my old ID and password, but I found it and was able to upload my old games....very thankful for that, going from Lvl 99 to 0 was a bummer! Come and stop by! Thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

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    Please add blessed4eva21 on fashion story and night clubstory Thanks

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    add Zombiefacejesss

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    ID: SweetNightmare1991

    Please add, lost all of my neighbors when I lost my phone, I have zero rules for neighbors, tip when I can and respond to all request, and I prefer to send materials gifts, but do not mind getting gifts of food.

    I also play Fashion story, Bakery story, and Restaurant story so if you want to add me there too it would be awesome

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    Please add me. ID: vampiire12

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    Add me Syd4747 I play everyday

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    Hello, I've just started playing nightclub story and would like to have some active neighbors. Feel free to add me: Anw045 I also play restaurant story if you'd like to add me there too.

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    Hiii I am a Nightclub Story active player. LEVEL 80 now ID :

    Thank you.

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    Hello! Returning player looking for friends.
    Add me @ ID: dredon

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