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Thread: Bakery Story: June 2015

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    Add me:Wickedplaymate and Wickedplaymate78

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    Hi, I would like to have new neighbors. Please add me : silver_ph4ntom. Thanks

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    Gift daily, try to tip and respond to all
    play dragon story, fantasy forest, bakery and restaurant

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    Hi, please add fruitypie222. I tip and gift and want cappucinos daily and answer part requests. If you want something other than cappucinos post it on my wall and repost if that ever changes. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of new neighbors. 😊

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    add me: dennisegndsmt

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    add me maky135 (restaurant and bakery story)

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    Add me (PrincessCouture2014)
    Island Name:-RainForest
    Other games I play:-
    Bakery Story 2,Restaurant Story,Fashion Story and Bakery StoryDragon Story is my most fav. Right now working on diamond hybrids and any good dragon that came along.

    Feel free to add me on any and all games

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    Jul 2015
    Add me Azumisaki I give and visit daily!!!!!

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