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Thread: Castle Update: 6/11/15 - Ivy's Bakery

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    Castle Update: 6/11/15 - Ivy's Bakery

    Ivy's Bakery


    Information on the Bakery
    ***This is a resource building, NOT a crafting building!***

    It is a permanent addition to the game!
    Available at Level 22.

    1. Size: 2x2 limit 1
    2. Cost: 200 gems
    3. Comes fully built
    4. Collection time: 24 hours
    5. Known Drops: 2 drops of either: Silver platter, Ivy's hot sauce, Skunkupies, Super yummy pies, Syrup, Bread, Orange cobbler, Flour
    (This information has been transferred into the Building Guide and the Inventory Guide against all known drops)

    Associated Goals:
    1. If you choose to purchase Ivy's Bakery for 200 gems, you will receive 10 gems back (limited timed offer).
    2. If you choose to do the additional timed goal called The Infamy of Skunkupies, you will receive 15 gems back (limited timed offer).
    Note: you can only do this trade once.
    Royal Exchange - Send Belladonna 6 Skunkupies. 6 hours

    Where else can I get Skunkupies?
    1. Royal Exchange - Trade with Belladonna (15 living wood, 30 mushroom, 15 rat tails) 5 hours.
    2. Royal Exchange - Send Belladonna Plants (10 glimmer trap, 6 glimmer pitcher, 1 rafflesia) 5 hours.
    3. Ivy's Hut - collect every 12 hours
    4. Ivy's Bakery - collect every 24 hours

    photos from Main Goal Guide:

    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    The requirements of Skunku-Pie in the Royal Exchange has been changed from 15 to 6. Hope this helps!
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    Castle Story Update 06/11: Ivy's Bakery

    Looks like we can get the pies now!

    ***This is a resource building, NOT a crafting building!***

    New building for 200 gems, limited rebate of 10 gems for buying it. There is also an independent goal for 20 gems for trading 6 skunkupies at the exchange.

    24 hour cool down takes 48 gems to speed up. You can only have one per account. Can drop any two of the following:
    Silver platter
    Ivy's hot sauce
    Super yummy pies*
    Orange cobbler
    Apple pie

    The Royal Exchange trade will also reward you with 15 gems when you do it in addition to the goal. YOU CAN ONLY DO THE TRADE ONCE. After the first time it disappears.

    *Super yummy pies were an item from the Quest for the Trove quest arc to get a free Glimmerdust Trove.
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    For 200 gems

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    Totally unattainable for most of us.

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    I wish it would cost coins, not gems

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    That is really not fair! I only have 127! I might be able to manage it if I do the golden trade every chance for the next 5 days! Putting a time limit on it really gets my goat!

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    This is cool and I would buy it but I will not buy any more gems till they fix their gem stealing ways!!!!!

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    You actually need 15 skunkupies to trade at the exchange A few have dropped for me recently, but I doubt I'll have enough in a week to do it.

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    Has anyone purchased the bakery yet? Can anything else be made using ivy's bakery besides skunkiepies? What resources does it take to make the pies? Sorry I'm full of questions but for 200 gems, I don't want to waste them for nothing.

    Updated comment:
    Thx for adding the updated info in post #1
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    You need 15 skunkupies for the +20 gems. It's a new exchange in the marketplace
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