I would the option to gift my neighbors individually, with specific gifts that I need to complete upgrades or recipes. Rather than the mystery box which gives varying coin amounts and the miscellaneous egg or bread slice, I would send neighbors construction materials, ingredients that take longer to restock, and herbs, etc. in this way, neighbors, and myself, could keep the items which we do not need right away, stored in our gift "center", for later use.

It seems CID is finicky in his dolling out of materials and many people get stuck receiving large quantities of the same materials, making upgrades nearly impossible for a lot of players. I realize buying gems and coins is a money maker for the app; however, those gems and coins would be much better spent, IMO, on seasonal decorations and limited time items. I won't pay real money for construction materials and items needed just to play the game. I'd rather use the real money for the cool stuff, making my restaurant look unique, thereby attracting players to send me one of their few neighbor request allowed per day.

Lastly, I agree with another poster, who said something about how this game doesn't really promote socialization, as there is very little that can be done in neighbors restaurants, and minimal ways with which to interact with your neighbors. I would like to see some options to help out neighbors when visiting their restaurant. One of the first tasks is to buy that bi-fold sign thing. I think that it would be fun to be able to click on the sign in neighboring restaurants and read a message from that neighbor to their visitors, leave a message, and fulfill requests that they may have for needed items. For example, ABC restaurant is looking for a green pepper to complete an order. 3 neighbors must click "help ABC restaurant fill this order". Once 3 neighbors have helped, the green pepper will be added to their pantry.

I have a ton of suggestions, but at the risk of overwhelming the development team, I'll start with these! ;-)

Thanks for your consideration!
Tiegan's Spot