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Thread: Waiters won't serve food!!!!

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    Angry Waiters won't serve food!!!!

    Ever since I built the fruit market, my waiters won't serve any food to the customers!!!!! I have a restaurant full of people not eating. They sit and never leave! I have reinstalled (twice), restarted my devices (happening on both iPhone and iPad), and just updated. Still not working....

    Anyone else ever have this problem?? Advice?

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    My waiters have also disappeared. Ever since the forced new release the program stops and restarts and now no waiters! What is happening?

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    Your waiters need room outside of the counters to serve the food. If they can't walk next to counters they can't serve the food. They can reach every served food from all of the counters. Hope this helped!

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    Your waiters won't serve food of something blocked their way to the customers.

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