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Thread: Are we allow to create our own game in the Bakery Story ?

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    Question Are we allow to create our own game in the Bakery Story ?

    Recently, almost all players are looking forward to the new task that come every month. But many are disappointed when task is not here yet. So, I wonder are they too bored that no new tasks are here so they started to create their own games in the Bakery Story. Create own games like Popularity Contest, emoji contest etc. I have doubts here and like to know are these actions allow in this Bakery Story? A player PartyPlanner started first with a title ____Contest then start to link all other players to her wall to take part in the contest. From 1 player spread to another, then now almost everywhere can see contest going on in the Bakery Story.

    I hope the moderater of this game can look into this matter soon. I play this game since 2012. BAKERY STORY is the BEST game I like most. I don't like the bakery story image to be damage by these players. I don't wish to see these scenarios happen like If I don't take part in your contest, then I don't want to friend you, this thing will soon happen if no action is taken. Worst, is there gang going on in this game? Sincerely hope that these players can play properly in this Bakery story.

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    Those have been happening a lot on FS for a very long time, haven't sen them on BS yet I guess I just don't have friends who do them. If you don't want to take part just dont. Nobody will mind.

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    S8 will never offer any type of in game contests like this. These are players having their own contests on their walls. You do not have to participate. If you get walls posts that
    all the time from someone and it bothers you, remember you have the option to delete that neighbor.

    If someone states it is a S8 sponsored contests or claims you can win gems or prizes, please report this player by sending an email to

    Do not get alarmed, these types of contests have been going on since the start of the first S8 game.
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