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Thread: Option to buy second mixer

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    Option to buy second mixer

    Really need two mixers, I can't make enough pizza dough OR tomato sauce for all of my recipes that require them with only one mixer. At least make it available for gems like you do the other appliances.


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    Absolutely agree! PLEASE make a 2nd mixer available for purchase. It takes 4 hours to make tomato sauce and during that time we also need pizza dough. Please make an option to purchase a 2nd mixer for our restaurant. Thanks!

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    Agreed. I was thinking the same thing. A second mixer would be great.

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    100000% support this!!!

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    Team Lava...PLEASE allow us the option to buy a second mixer...Listen to the hardcore players like myself!!!LOVE the game...��

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    Yes! I'd buy one. I wouldn't pay gems for it though.

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