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    Success with Events


    I'm finding that the events are becoming increasingly harder to be successful at for someone who does not devote all their time and effort to said game.

    This Spring event is especially frustrating. It goes without saying that everyone wants the pet offered at the end. You know that, I know that, we all know that. Why make it so difficult? Why make drop rates so low? Sorry, I should be more specific. The drop rates for the lantern oil are fantastic, most likely because it costs coins to purchase the thing to use the oil with.

    The game is not tailored for those of us who have jobs and other things to do. I choose to play these games in my spare time, and I think the playing field should be the same for all of us.

    Why is it so difficult to do this? Please don't tell me that other members have done just fine with receiving items by making deliveries or visiting the newspaper. You don't have all the statistics to back that kind of claim up and compare it to the rest of us.

    All I ask is that you make it a little less impossible for the majority of us to participate in these events and get the grand prize at the end. That's all.


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    This is why I dont do any of them. My first one was the Chinese one and I was so new I kind of skipped it. The next one was the gold pot and I was really exited to do it but couldnt cause I wasnt level high enough. To say I was mad was an understatement. I as so mad that the next one I just really looked at it and decided it was too hard and not worth it. The only reason most people care about is the deco pets and Im not a fan of them.

    Honestly they are very hard and like many people have said before, you often need to use gems for some reason or other.

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    S8 make their money from gems sales so understandably they would like to put you in a position where you feel inclined to buy and spend gems on their events. For those people who play for free and on limited time, having a few nice early prizes is a bonus and in this event they are pretty nice decoration items for the effort. If you really want those final prizes but cannot afford to buy gems, then I can tell you from experience that it is possible to work hard to get them. I am almost at the point of a level 15 tree and I have spent no gems, only collected/used around 10 floating lanterns (too rich for me), and for the last 7 or so level up I have simply been scouring newspapers for parts. I have wasted a lot of time, but that is because I really really really want Bambi I do have a day job (which I will make it up to later )

    That said I should probably add that the cut-off point for me to get Bambi was probably around the time the timer was at 17-18 days. If you do the math and invest a bit of time early on during a weekend you can set yourself up for a cruisey ride to the final prize. I think at the time I only needed to get the tree to level 9 (12 parts each) to just make the quota for Bambi if I just collected every 3 hours only 7 times a day. I think this was very attainable, even though I started 2-3 days late. I could have used floating lanterns to make up any missed collections, or get ahead just in case. Any upgrade past that point would have just gotten me Bambi sooner.

    Don't give up just yet. It is only about half way through the event. Once more people complete their trees, they will switch from part consumers to part sellers. The markets could be awash with parts. Only problem is the lantern oils; like the partridges these are designed to swamp the market and make it harder to find blossom tree parts (or even normal items). I think we should all make a pact at some point in the game to stop putting lantern oils up for permanent sale and just discard them to clear our barns. This should the free markets up and allow "late bloomers" to more easily find items to finish their trees!
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    Since I decided that this event was a nogo for me, I started putting any event item up for sale as soon as I got it. I agree about the lantern oil, it is a waste of time to list, even tho I still list them for $1. I let them stay until I have another item to list in case someone wants them and then discard them

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